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Sword Art Online (Vol. 18) Alicization Lasting Now on Sale (Japanese)
The final volume of the «Alicization» Arc released on Aug. 10, 2016!

“――It’s Kirito-kun. My Kirito-kun, has come back…”
The entire «Underworld» has turned to chaos on day two of the «Final Tolerance Experiment».

Gabriel, having defeated the strongest Integrity Knight of the «Human Empire Army» Bercouli and Sinon who holds the Sun Goddess Solus super account, pursues Alice who has her eye on the «World End Altar».

Meanwhile, at the battlegrounds where the «Human Empire Army» Decoy Army is surrounded by the «Dark Knights», Asuna greatly struggles while the support of Lisbeth and Silica is of no avail, and eventually Kirito in his current confused state is caught by one of the remaining Laughing Coffin members «PoH». To free himself of his bitter grudge held for years, PoH prepares to strike Kirito with his poison fangs.

Suddenly, a voice emanates from within Kirito’s heart. It is the voice of his closest friend that he has lived with, battled alongside, and laughed with. The voice of his one and only, his greatest companion――.

At last, Kirito comes to his senses. And he’ll fight to save «Everything» that exists in the Underworld.

Don’t miss what Kirito and his friends will do next!

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