A demi-shuriken which is created by greater ninja's karate, blood and heavy metal particles in the atmosphere. This total supernatural stuff means Ninja Slayer is never out of ammo.


"The term includes all martial arts as well as close combat. Also refers to ordinary modern day karate. Can also refer to work, achievement, or merit like in Gong Fu.
Sometimes refers to the meaning of force, ki or magical powers. All jitsu and supernatural powers used by ninjas are generated by and based on karate!"

Maguro Zeppelin

A ninja assault airship masquerading as an adversting blimp. Yet another exciting innovation from Omura Industries.


"Introductions and exchange of courtesies amongst ninja. Since the reign of the Edo Tokugawa, the first shogun, spanning hundreds of years until now,
the value systems of “honor” and “manners” remain unbroken in this Far East high-tech nation-state."


Killer shit. Drugs. Red pills sold in small chartulas.

Family Taxi

A yakuza transport vehicle resembling a Japanese hearse.

Kokeshi Mall

An abandoned commercial complex. Famous for its humdrum electric monotone bassBGM.
Converted into a massive game range for the well-to-do upper class.

Killzone Sumotori

a dangerous hunting playground set up for kachigumi salarymen leisure in an unpopulated area near the Kokeshi Mall.


Feral Bio-sumotori who populated the game park.

Kachigumi salarymen.

Winners of working world; high-class citizens that represent the top five percent of the population.

Bariki drinks

This nationally popular energy drink vitalizes the mind and body. Overdosing often blurs vision.
Enjoyed by all Neo-Saitama citizens from top athletes to kachigumi salarymen.