Never appearing in public, little is known of these two recluse authors shrouded in mystery.
The flurry of speculation from Japanese ninja-heads is random and ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.
“Of course, they exist. Haven't you read their novels?”
“They exist as electronic ghost-in-the-shell life forms.”
“They exist as a form of nymphs that disappear when seen by others.”
What we can safely say now is that there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question and frankly, no one seems to take the questions of their existence very seriously.
Their profiles listed below are now made public for the first time.


Born 1968. Residing in New York. In the 90s, he became friends with Morzez via the Internet and they started collaborating. Well-versed in linguistics, history and traditional culture, he is known as the Joseph Campbell of ninja and Nordic mythology as he was the first to draw parallels between the two.


Born 1969. Residing in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He co-authored the novel with Bond to blow the whistle on the menace of ninja. With a PhD in computer engineering, he brings authenticity to the cyber-punk references in the novel. Loves apple pie.