humanoid Interface Element


“The value of an object is determined by the form and function that humans give to it.”

She appeared with billowing purple hair and a girlish expression––

A chance encounter brings the hIE Lacia face to face with Arato, and she immediately forms a contract with him: Arato becomes her new owner. Shortly after this, she is signed up to a modeling agency by Arato’s younger sister Yuka and begins to work as a supermodel.
She is the fated heroine who propels the story.
Lacia is one of a select band of special hIE who escape from the Tokyo research facility of Memeframe, the world’s leading hIE behavior management cloud platform company. She is a Red Box, a being that mankind is yet to fully comprehend. She was developed by Higgins, an ultra-advanced artificial intelligence. She comes equipped with Black Monolith, a transforming device fitted with a powerful quantum computer.

“I am an object in human form.”