Magical Girl -Shiga Prefecture-

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Magical Girl -Shiga Prefecture-

I created this to enter into a pivix illustration contest.
I designed the outfit and other parts using my native Shiga Prefecture as the theme.

I used the symbol of Shiga Prefecture on the staff and chest area.
The autumn leaves in her hair are from the prefectural tree.

Thinking of Omi Shrine, I gave her a miko style.
Omi Shrine is a place where various Ogura Hyakunin Isshu tournaments are held.
Because of that, I included torifuda playing cards in her hair.
The balls are called Biwa pearls, which are a freshwater pearl well-known around the world.
I designed the staff as being made from these pearls as well.

As you can see, her sidekick is a tanuki.
The tanuki is Shigaraki ware, which is a famous type of pottery and stoneware from Shiga.

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