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▶ Gift subscriptions do not renew automatically.
▶ Gift subscriptions expire if not activated within 90 days after purchase.
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By clicking “Send Gift”, you understand that you will be charged immediately for the full amount of this Gift Subscription. You also understand that Gift Subscriptions cannot be refunded once purchased, and will expire if it is not activated within 90 days of purchase. Gift Subscriptions do not renew automatically and end once the pre-purchased amount of boxes have shipped.

Order Summary
What payment methods can I use?
Payments can be made via credit or debit card and PayPal. All payments will be made in US dollars.
How often will I be charged for my gift subscription?
You will be charged for the total of your gift subscription upfront. Gift subscriptions are non-renewing and you will not incur any further charges after checkout.
How are subscriptions shipped?
Subscription boxes will be shipped via USPS or Fedex. Once your box has been shipped, you will be sent a shipping notification email containing the tracking information for your box. Tracking information will also become available on your Subscriptions page page at that time.
What countries do you currently ship subscription boxes to?
At this time, our subscription boxes are only available to ship to the United States and its Territories.

US Territories Include: American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, Palau, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Virgin Islands, and all APO/FPO addresses.
How do I set the shipping address for a gift subscription?
The shipping address can only be set by the gift recipient upon activation.

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