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Natsu & Happy Guild Emblem T-Shirt | Fairy Tail


24 Mar. 2016Permalink

This shirt is amazing! I love it. So happy I purchased it.

Rilakkuma Kurutoga Mechanical Pencils


24 Mar. 2016Permalink

Super cute! I actually haven't opened the package yet because it's just so cute looking.

Fantasia: Fairy Tail Illustrations

Gorgeous pictures

24 Mar. 2016Permalink

I have fallen in love with Fairy Tail within the past year, but I love everything about it. When I saw this book I knew I needed it as well. The images are stunning. I think it's well worth the price.

Rilakkuma Play Color 2 Double-Ended Color Pen Set (12 Colors)

Great colors!

24 Mar. 2016[Edited]Permalink

These marker pens are great. The colors are fun and vibrant. You do have to be careful with some of the darker colors as they bleed through the paper, but not horribly. I highly recommend them and use them in my planner.

Rilakkuma Mo-chi Mochi Cushions (Medium)


24 Mar. 2016Permalink

I just had surgery and love carrying this item around because it's so soft and comforting. The size is perfect to toss on my bed. I was originally disappointed I couldn't get the large size, but this is actually perfect.

Alpacasso Velvet Ribbon Alpaca Plush Collection (Big)


24 Mar. 2016Permalink

This item is so adorable and soft. I love it and so happy I added it to my order.