rosiesophie08's Review

Sumikko Gurashi B6 Spiral Notebooks


06 Jun. 2016Permalink

Cute and great quality!

Lilou Animal Tail Shark Ring

Great Quality!

06 Jun. 2016Permalink

The ring is just so cute and is great quality! I adore sharks and wear this ring so often!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Kyary Bon

So Cute!

06 Jun. 2016Permalink

This book is just gorgeous! Perfect for any Kyary fan!

Rilakkuma Funi Plus Stickers

Too Cute

19 Nov. 2015Permalink

These stickers are too too cute!! They're all over my 3DS right now!!

Rilakkuma Face Plush Pen Pouches

So Soft!

19 Nov. 2015Permalink

The outside of this pencil case is so so soft, it's amazing!

There's also a gorgeous Rilakkuma print, inside! It's such good quality!

Alpacasso Rainbow Alpaca Plush (Big)

Beyond Adorable

19 Nov. 2015Permalink

This adorable alpacasso arrived in perfect condition, tags included!

It's so soft and the colours are gorgeous! They're not too vibrant, but not too pale, either! Can't wait to find a good spot for this cutie to live in!