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Nendoroid Touken Ranbu -Online- Kogitsunemaru

Happy Fox

02 May. 2016Permalink

This nendo is one of my absolute favorites that I own. The faces that it comes with are great and easy to change out. The little fox that came with it was actually unexpected and a nice touch. I did have some trouble getting him into his stand, but with some work I managed it. Really love him and hope to add more to my Touken Ranbu collection!

Pusheen 8.5" Accessory Pouch

Cutest Pencil Case!

02 May. 2016Permalink

I love Pusheen and this pencil case is a great addition for any fan. It easily fits my pens, pencils, highlighters and eraser too. It's also really soft to the touch and is cute to boot. The only drawback is that you need to keep it in a place that is dry. Otherwise, a must-have for any fan.

Rilakkuma Nesting Bento Box

A Great Bento

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

This is hands down my favorite bento box. The seal on the lid is really tight so it will hold everything in guarantee. There are two little trays inside that can be used to keep food separate, but they also come out if you want to use the whole thing. It's also a very good size, fits easily into bento bags and is simple to clean. I recommend it!

Love Live! Pass Case w/ Retractable Cord

Cute and Useable

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

I really enjoy this pass case and it works great for holding a bus pass. However, it will only hold one card at a time and the small ring on the top is hard to get on and off if you need to constantly get in and out of it, so it's best used for a pass you don't need to refill. The retractable chord is really handy and goes further than I thought, but make sure the clip is secure before pulling on it since, if pulled too hard, it may come undone. Still a great companion for Love Live! fans with a need for a pass case.

Latte Kitten Coffee Straps: New Flavor Strawberry & Matcha Series

Cute and Sturdy!

20 Feb. 2016Permalink

I absolutely love these little latte kittens! I bought the shy cat version and keep it on my backpack. It hasn't broken, doesn't show wear or tear from the weather and makes a cute companion. Someday I hope to have the whole set.

A Basketful of Lemons Rilakkuma Heat-Resistant Glass Mugs

Cute Design!

19 Feb. 2016Permalink

I love using this little cup for ice tea and colder drinks. But you have to be careful since it is extremely delicate, but otherwise an adorable cup. Would not suggest washing in a dishwasher.

Dot Pouch -  Beckoning Cat

Works Great!

19 Feb. 2016Permalink

I love my little Dot Pouch! I usually use mine for water bottles and it keeps them insulated and dry while I have them in my bag. It also works well if I put in a bag of ice as a little ice pack, but there are many other uses too.

Sushi Socks Vol.2

$5.99 - $52.99
Sushi Socks Vol.2

Light and Soft!

19 Feb. 2016[Edited]Permalink

Not only are these socks super cute, they are a light fabric and breathe easily. They work as both long socks or can be folded over for shorter socks.

Nemuriale Sleep Aid - Kitten (Russian Blue)

Works like a charm!

12 Feb. 2015Permalink

I had my doubts when I first saw it, but after using it for a few months now it works great and gets me right to sleep, plus it brought me down from a few panic attacks as well. The fur is soft and makes it comfortable, and the size is portable so you can take it anywhere. Would recommend 100%!