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Kutusita Nyanko English Garden Tote Bag

Great bag

05 May. 2016[Edited]Permalink

I bought this tote bag for a friend and she adores it! The English Garden series is so very adorable and this bag is huuuuge! Lots of room for all sorts of things, so it would be a great and fashionable school bag.

Posable Skeleton Accessory - Tatami Set

Good for other figures too!

05 May. 2016Permalink

I don't have a Pose Skeleton (I know, I know, what's wrong with me?!) but the accessories and Tatami mat work really well with my Nendoroids for a cute bit of scenery. The items also scale well with Figma so this and other Pose Skelly sets are great as general accessories to add a little something to your collection.

Nyanko-sensei Floor Mat Vol. 3 (Blue)

Great size, cute print

05 May. 2016Permalink

These mats are a great size and Nyanko-sensei is such a cutie! They add a really nice pop of color to my kitchen area and they're soft to stand on. Love it!

Stainless Tongs Kyacchi da Nyan

A bit small

05 May. 2016[Edited]Permalink

These tongs are hella cute, no doubt. They are a bit small in person though and they feel delicate so I'm a little hesitant to use them for much. The paws are nylon, which is accurate according to the listing, but the product pictures made me think the whole thing was metal and I expected it to be sturdier.

Tales of Symphonia Sports Towels

Lloyd Towel

05 May. 2016Permalink

I'm a huge fan of ToS and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get one of these towels! I chose Lloyd and I have to say the print quality is very nice. The towel is well made and durable, and actually bigger than I expected, but I haven't used it as a regular towel because I plan on hanging it up as decoration.

Nendoroid More: CUBE 01 Classroom Set

Cute Nendo Product at a Great Price

05 May. 2016Permalink

This classroom set is adorable and a lot of fun for posing Nendoroids and other figures!

Sushi Socks Vol.2

$5.99 - $52.99
Sushi Socks Vol.2

Cute fit

05 May. 2016Permalink

These socks were a nice fit and the pattern is very cute and just as shown. The fabric is a little bit thin but they're a good deal nonetheless!

Kaomoji-kun Mugs

Only need one more!

06 Aug. 2015Permalink

These mugs are fantastic and once you pick up one you're going to want to finish the set, which can be frustrating as some of them sell out before the others. They hold a little less than a cup which doesn't sound like much but it's perfect. When I drink coffee or tea I don't like to overdo it and the portion size is very satisfying to me. I've also used them as tiny snack bowls for that same reason. They're sturdy and stackable, and the face has yet to show any wear since I got my first one several months ago. I don't know if they're dishwasher safe so I always wash them by hand.