Konipaca's Review

Neko-Nyan Nintendo 3DS XL Silicon Cover

Endless Envy

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

Gamers and cat lovers envy me having this case. And the compliments flood in too like crazy. But once you gotta tell them its sold out the envy in their eyes lit up like wild fire. :3c

Sushi Socks

$5.99 - $40.99
Sushi Socks

Easy Laughs

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

Its fun breaking the ice with your cool sushi socks with friends and family

Alpacasso Goodnight Alpaca Plush Collection (Big)

Best Alpacasso Set

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

Got momo since i have a soft spot for things pink and cute. Loved her ever since she arrived, and is still the best purchase ive ever made on this site.

Fumofumo-san Dark Gray Rufu Plush (Medium)

Woof woof

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

Its super soft and squishy, gets really warm and cozy if you hold onto it for a good while. Hes a lil small but he sure does provide a big amount of love.

Alpacasso Waku Waku Party  Alpaca Plush Collection (Mini Strap)

Best Mini Cute Companion

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

Gave this lil guy to my mom, she uses it for her car back rear mirror. So i get to check him out swaying back and forth while my mom drives. She adores him and she keeps asking for more of them lol

Korilakkuma Cup

Super cute

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

I mostly just use it for holding my pens, cute to look at for a pen holder

Rilakkuma Hair Band

Best hairband

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

If ur a rilakkuma fan like me and got long hair that gets in ur way, then you totally need this man. And you get awesome compliments or questions about the ears lol

Rilakkuma Donut Cushion

Loveable Cushion For Your Tush

11 Apr. 2017Permalink

I love this dude, kept using him since he arrived and now hes flat. Overall this guy lasts forever i still got him but hes not for sitting on anymore lol. Super soft and comfy for ur butt needs.