Kaitlyn's Review

Nendoroid Little Witch Academia Sucy Manbavaran


22 Jun. 2018Permalink

I love my Sucy Nendoroid! She is so cute and her accessories really suit her.

figma Fire Emblem Fates Corrin (Female)

awesome figure

25 Nov. 2017Permalink

I preordered this figure a year ago and was so excited to finally have her arrive today! She looks awesome, and is great quality as usual.

Daramofu-san Minna Nakayoshi Plush Collection (Mini Ball Chain)


11 Oct. 2017Permalink

such a cute little strap, and very soft!!

Fuwa-mofu Pometan Yumekawa Dog Plush Collection (Standard)

adorable and fluffy

11 Oct. 2017Permalink

Such a fluffy cutie! In love with mine

Amuse Plush Bargain Lucky Sets (Standard)

super cute assortment!

15 Sep. 2017Permalink

I purchased a lucky set last time they were available and figured I'd do it again! This time I did the set of 5 and received Uso-Papa from the Kotsume Otter line, a Squirrel from the Atsumare! line, Kuromame from a Hige Manjyu set, Cha-Cha from the Kyun to Naki Usagi line, and a Pote Usa Loppy whose series I can't find! She's pink and has a cute ribbon :) They're all super cute and great quality!!

FLAPPER Cottage Pouch

Cute pouch!

02 Aug. 2017Permalink

Really cute pouch with neat details, zipper can be hard to maneuver but it isn't a big deal!

Funwari Real Croissant Sandwich Squeeze Ball Chain Charms

Looks like a real croissant!

02 Aug. 2017Permalink

I got two of these and they are super squishy and the bread looks real!

Zeitaku Sweets Deco Cupcake Big Keychain

Adorable cupcake!

02 Aug. 2017Permalink

When it said big I guess I didn't realize how big! The cupcake is awesome and very detailed!

Mameshiba San Kyodai Yakitate Panya-san Keychains

nice and squishy!

02 Aug. 2017Permalink

I got two of these keychains and they're both super cute and squishy!

FLAPPER Cactus Pouch

Super cute pouch!

02 Aug. 2017Permalink

This pouch is really cute and is going to be my new pencil pouch! It seems to be well made and it nice and compact

Puchimaru Yokai Zukan Plush Collection (Mini Ball Chain)

Adorable as always!

29 Jun. 2017Permalink

I love collecting puchimaru and this set is extra adorable! Mine look great and have nice details

Alpacasso Pearl Ribbon Alpaca Plush Collection (Big)


29 Jun. 2017Permalink

I got Momo and she is so cute! Soft, stitching is nice, and she's sturdier than I thought she would be! My other Alpacasso are much squishier than she is, and she easily stands on her own. Also seems a little smaller than my other adult Alpacasso that are large.

Alpacasso Alpaca Plush Collection (Standard)

super precious

23 Jun. 2017Permalink

I got the little yellow llama and he is so cute!! cute lil face and very soft!

Amuse Plush Lucky Set (Standard)

good variety!

07 Jun. 2017Permalink

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered this, as I already have quite a large collection and was worried I would get duplicates. But I didn't! I got 3 plushies from 3 different series! I got a mameshiba laying down plush, a hedgehog, and one of the neko pencil cases! All are cute and in great shape! Might order again honestly!

Marvel Female Thor Bishoujo Statue

Gorgeous statue!

17 Feb. 2017Permalink

Thor is super gorgeous! All of her little details are perfect and she is wonderfully made. Love her!

Nendoroid Fire Emblem Fates Elise

Adorable little cinnamon bun

27 Jan. 2017Permalink

Elise arrived in perfect condition, and is insanely cute. I love her expressions and she is so pretty!!

Kojika no Latte Deer Plush Collection (Standard)


06 Dec. 2016Permalink

Arrived quickly and he's super soft <3 Even cuter in person!

Fire Emblem If Comic Anthology

I love it!!

09 Oct. 2016Permalink

This comic is so cute, it's great quality and I love the illustrations.

Kogitsune Konkon Fox Plush Collection (Standard)

Cute! But different coloring

03 Oct. 2016Permalink

So I ordered the cute little grey guy, and he is a different shade of grey than pictured. I do believe it says 'may differ from prototype' or whatnot!! He is so cute though, and I don't mind the difference. He is much darker than pictured. He is very soft and his tail is adorable!!

Halloween Neko-dango

$9.99 - $29.97
Halloween Neko-dango

Super cute!

28 Sep. 2016Permalink

I got the little vampire guy, and he is so soft and cute!!

Hana to Yume July 2016, Week 1

arrived quickly & perfect

09 Aug. 2016Permalink

I love Skip Beat a crazy amount so I had to have this issue of Hana to Yume! It arrived quickly and in perfect condition, and was what I expected :)

Fire Emblem Awakening Cordelia 1/7 Scale Figure

Worth the wait

30 Jul. 2016Permalink

So I preordered this statue back in July of 2015, and it finally got released in July of 2016. It was worth it though, she is beautiful!!! Amazingly crafted with an amazing paint job, she makes my fire emblem collection look even better.

Wooly Lovely Face Sheep Plush Collection (Ball Chain)

Super soft

13 Jun. 2016Permalink

I got a sleeping version and the lil guy is SO SOFT!! His face is perfect and I love him so much

Chinmari Munchkin Cat Plush Collection (Standard)

Super adorable!!

13 Jun. 2016Permalink

I love my little munchkin kitty, I was a little worried he wouldn't be able to stand on his own with his tiny little legs but he stands no problem! He is absolutely perfect, no imperfections or weird seams

Puchimaru Ame no Sanpomichi Animal Plush Collection

Love these little guys

24 May. 2016Permalink

I have a puchimaru problem, and these little guys are just so cute and so worth it! Amuse doesn't disappoint

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma to Atarashii Otomodachi Koguma-chan Plush Collection

so happy

16 May. 2016Permalink

so happy I finally found Koguma-chan!! I got the little version and love it, the chest fur is so soft!!

Peropero Sparkles Plush Collection

love mine so much

16 May. 2016Permalink

shipped more quickly than I thought, and when Cune arrived I couldn't believe how gorgeous she is! Eyes are amazing and she is so soft

CHACKS GP Gloomy of the Dead Plush

super cute

16 May. 2016Permalink

I got the blue one and love him so much! The eyes are super neat looking and the claws, as usual, look so cool

Marukuma Polar Natural Bear Plush Collection (Standard)

sweet as honey

16 May. 2016Permalink

I got Honey and she is just so precious! Super soft and the bee stands up on its own

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma to Atarashii Otomodachi Croquis Sketchbook

love the notebook

16 May. 2016Permalink

I have a notebook problem, and these are really nice quality with adorable covers

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma to Atarashii Otomodachi Pen Pouch

Super cute!

16 May. 2016Permalink

I love San-X pen cases and this one is much cuter in person than online honestly

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma to Atarashii Otomodachi Letter Sets

adorable letter sets

16 May. 2016Permalink

I got both sets, and love how the one folds up into a little scene inside the envelope!!

Fire Emblem Fates Strap Collection Vol. 3 Box

Fire Emblem Fates

01 Apr. 2016Permalink

I love the game so much, and having keychains of all my favorites is awesome

Coroham Coron to Risu-chan Hamster Plush Collection (Standard)

What a cutie!

19 Mar. 2016Permalink

I got Lettuce and he is so precious! Very happy

Namakemono no Mikke Mattari Hi Sloth Plush Collection (Standard)

Super adorable!

17 Mar. 2016Permalink

Got the adorable little pink guy, and as usual it's a super soft and cute plush :)

Pote Usa Loppy Feminine Rabbit Plush Collection (Standard)

Super cute!

17 Mar. 2016Permalink

I got the little purple girl, and she is super soft and super adorable! Arrived just in time for Easter :)

FLAPPER Heart Tote Bags

Super cute

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

This bag (I got purple!) always gets me compliments when I use it. It's relatively large, but that's good because I always carry a ton of stuff with me. It's really nice quality too!

Dreamy Wooly Elephant Plush Collection (Standard)

Perfect lil guys!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I am in love with these little guys!! They're super cute and soft, and they look great with my other Amuse plushes :)

Rilakkuma Lap Blanket

Soft and warm!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I love blankets in all forms, so I had to order this one. It's super comfy and warm, and it's really nice quality! The buttons are a super nice touch.

Little Fairy Tale Pen Pouch

Cutest little pouch!!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

These are super cute and I love them to pieces!! They're cute and sparkly and well made.

[TOM Exclusive] TOMpacasso Alpaca Plush (Big)

My cute pinata!!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

He arrived very quickly and I've named him Pinata because, well, look at him! He's great quality and his lil face is perfect.

D4 Series Fire Emblem Fates Acrylic Strap Collection Vol. 2 Box

Nice straps!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I didn't realize I would be getting one of each, and that was a very nice surprise!! I had assumed it was kind of random which ones you got. Anyways, they're great quality and look awesome.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mascot Keychains - Set of 10

Had been looking everywhere!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I'm a huge Animal Crossing fan, and I have a large collection of Animal Crossing merchandise. I saw these keychains a while back but was unable to find them for a reasonable price! Then TOM stocked them and I got so excited and ordered them right away! They're perfect.

Gloomy Drop Shoulder Pullover

Awesome shirt!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

This shirt is super cute, it's sort of a cropped fit but not short enough that any tummy shows. I really like it!!

Kutusita Nyanko English Garden Letter Sets


18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I use these to write letters to my penpal, and the paper is super cute :)

Rilakkuma Play Color 2 Double-Ended Color Pen Set (12 Colors)

Super awesome pens!

18 Feb. 2016Permalink

I have now ordered two sets of these because I love them so much! They don't dry out quickly and they are very vibrant. Love them to pieces!

earth music&ecology Lace Hoodie

Super cute!

07 Oct. 2015Permalink

This hoodie is super cute! I would like to make sure people pay attention to how long it is, as it is pretty short! I'm about 5'2'' and it just barely reaches the top of my midrise shorts :)
The lace is super soft and the jacket itself is relatively thin, which is good because you can wear it as a layer etc in lots of weather!