dimsumgirlyy's Review

Mameshi-Pamyu-Pamyu Mame Pamyu Fleece-Lined Sweatpants

Perfect for lounging

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

I get complimented on these sweatpants. Got them in black.

Coroham Coron no Daishukaku Hamster Plush Collection (Mini Strap)

Perfect stocking stuffers

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Got these and gave them to my coworkers for christmas and it was perfect.

Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Party Sticky Tabs

Cute new way to use tabs

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

I love the sushis so much I never use them but they are very useful!


Love love love

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Bought this in blue and black and love the pattern! Always get complimented on it.

Plastic Model Display Case Dome Black

Very cheap

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Got this and it was bent and I couldn't use it so I threw it away. Seemed fine but not very durable!

Mini Collector's Case (Wide)

Wooden dream

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Very nice quality. Got this in the natural wood color and love it. Very sturdy and great for nendos and other small figures

Rilakkuma Sonomama Rilakkkuma Cloth Memo Pads

Perfect for small memos and notes

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Very happy with this memo pad. Got it in pink. perfect for quick notes and reminders.

Sumikko Gurashi Clover Insulated Tote Bag

Cute, compact, durable

28 Mar. 2016Permalink

Small but very cute bag. Insulated and feels very sturdy. There's a pocket on the inside. Outside is smooth and easy to clean.

Nyanko Clay Pot Puzzle

Clay Pot

07 Aug. 2015Permalink

I bought the Mikeneko because he looks like my cat and the clay pot is cute for using!

Sumikko Gurashi Minikko Ippai Mini Pata-Pata Minikko Memo Pads

Ebi Fry!

07 Aug. 2015Permalink

Had to nab the shrimp tempura because those erasers are the cutest darned things!

Cat Tights & Sandals Set [+ Extra Free Tights!]

Cute and great value

07 Aug. 2015Permalink

The sandals are cute, albeit a bit large on my feet, but the tights are the best! I'm a big fan of animal tights and have a huge collection!

KOKOkim Ribbon Leather Choker

Love KOKOkim's great quality chokers

07 Aug. 2015Permalink

I've bought almost all of the available KOKOkim chokers from TOM and I love each of them! They are fashionable and cute, not too edgey, and are great quality! #moehara

Nicola August 2015

Great value and product

07 Aug. 2015Permalink

I love the fashion mag and the cute manga included. I especially love love love the shell necklace and wear it all the time!

KOKOkim Heart Leather Choker

Great quality and sturdy-feeling

23 Jul. 2015[Edited]Permalink

I bought this choker in black after spending forever trying to decide if pink was better! The black choker is very sturdy and feels like it'll last for a long time. It's comfortable on my neck and the perfect size so it's not too loose or too tight. The heart is a delicate piece that makes this choker feminine enough to where it doesn't just look like a dog collar. In fact, I think it adds a nice zingy flair to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. Cute piece even though it's pricey. #moehara

KOKOkim Strawberry & Ribbon Earrings

Summery and young

23 Jul. 2015[Edited]Permalink

I bought these earrings in pink and lavender because I couldn't decide on just one. Even though they are expensive for what you get, they are in fact very cute when you wear them. The strawberries are hollow and very light so the earrings are not heavy and they do not droop. Love love love. #moehara

KOKOkim Love Velour Choker

Very stylish, cute, but kind of flimsy

07 Aug. 2015[Edited]Permalink

The design on these chokers are to die for! I love the "Love" gold piece because it's not too big or too small. The velour is only one sided as the part that touches your neck is not fuzzy at all, which is good. The only issue I potentially see is that the piece feels very flimsy like it might break if I'm not too careful with it. Bought in black and pink and love them both, though! #moehara

NO.S PROJECT Mermaid Princess Ear Cuffs

Very beautiful but came broken

23 Jul. 2015[Edited]Permalink

I love this earring because they are unique and very stylish. However, when I received mine the big pearl on the end was detached from the rest of the earring completely. Thankfully I have jewelry pliers so I manually had to fix them myself. Furthermore, there is no secure attachment from the ear to this piece. It hangs from the top of your ear. I wish the pictures had shown this but they do not. The TOM customer service is great however and they contacted me promptly. The earring is very cute. Just keep in mind that it only comes with one and not a pair.

Bento Playing Cards

Love these food cards

21 Jul. 2015Permalink

I've collected all these various food playing cards for no reason. They just look delicious!

18 Denier Beige Sheer Tights - Single Ribbon Motif (Black Lamé)

Very tight

21 Jul. 2015Permalink

Very small and tight, hard to get into.

Takeuchi 18 Denier Black Sheer Tights - Knee Heart Motif (Red)

Very tight

21 Jul. 2015Permalink

They are cute with the heart pattern but are extremely small and tight.

Q-Pot 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Q-Pot is delicious!

21 Jul. 2015Permalink

I love Q-pot and have always admired their fancy accessories and jewelry. The look book is perfect for that eye candy and the cute ice cream bag is a plus!