Vurren's Review

Ferret Mori no Feru Plush Collection (Ball Chain)


08 May. 2016Permalink

I would reccomend this to any plushie lover. Soft, good quality, a perfect mini companion.

Chuken Mochi Shiba Various Poses Plush Collection (Mini Strap)

Soft anc Squishy

08 May. 2016Permalink

Do you love dogs? Do you love plushies? This product is perfect for you, then. No complaints.

Tomatte! Kotori Tai Bird Mini Figures Vol. 2


08 May. 2016Permalink

This little guy loves holding onto my mug. He is always secure and never falls. Would reccomend!

Puchimaru Daisuki Doubutsuen Animal Plush Collection (Mascot Size)

Cute, but small

08 May. 2016Permalink

These are super cute, but man are they TINY. its hard to see a lot of the details of the product when you recieve it. Nonetheless, I would reccomend this to a plushie collector.

Mameshi-Pamyu-Pamyu - Pamyu Plush Charm

Super Cute!

08 May. 2016Permalink

Soft, good quality, would reccomend to any plushie fan!

Tamagotchi 4U

Battery Life

08 May. 2016Permalink

The battery life is horrible on this tamagotchi. Especially with frequent use, the battery will run out in less than a week. If you are willing to spend money on replacement batteries, Id reccomend this product

LISTEN FLAVOR Danganronpa 8-Bit Monokuma Badge

Super Great!

08 May. 2016Permalink

Listen flavor is the best place to go for apparel and pins. The pin is shiny and in good condition. Would reccomend to any danganronpa fan!

Alpacasso Rainbow Alpaca Plush Collection (Mini Strap)

So soft!

08 May. 2016Permalink

Amuse never fails to impress me! I would reccomend an alpacasso to anyone who loves cuteness!

Advance! Alpacasso Corps Alpaca Plush Collection (Mini Strap)

Very cute!

08 May. 2016Permalink

Recieved quickly and in great condition. Would reccomend