ShiroNiKuma's Review

figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Not even sure why I bought it but it's GREAT! lol

29 Jan. 2016Permalink

My first thought when I saw the figure was "Hey, it could help me start drawing!" but I am those type of people who talk and talk but never actually do it. Either way, the figure is nice and looks great just as a normal figma.
The box was also full of some extras from TOM, so I'm more than happy for that.

My only problem is that the right leg is hard to move without it coming apart. Not sure if there was some kind of movement I did but the left leg joint is different from the one on the right, so it doesn't look symmetrical, and it somewhat bothers me. That is my only complain... That left leg which won't stay attached if I move it and the fact that it ...
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