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Monogatari Series Tsukimonogatari Shinobu Oshino

Feet don't fit to the base

15 Feb. 2016Permalink

So I'm not sure if I am the only one with this problem but when I tried to stick Shinobu into the base, the feet didn't fit well. I had to force them to fit perfectly and can't move the figure or they will just pop out. I was using so much force that I was afraid of breaking it.

The figure is still really cute and big. I bought it because the dress is different from the usual figures and the price was good. As long as I don't move the figure too much, I' pleased with this purchase.

Fate/Zero Metal Pin Sets

Saber/Kiritsugu Pin

15 Feb. 2016Permalink

It is hard for me to write a bad review about a product since I don't really mind little issues or something as so, but this pins are not really a top quality product. When I first saw them I didn't get so exited but still liked them.

The pins are not completely metal, they are metal from behind and the front part looks like a plastic bubble. They seem fragile. They looked like they could get scratch easily or even just torn apart.

I put them on my backpack, went out and after some hours, I realized that one of the things that grabbed them from the back was already gone missing, but at least the pin didn't fall off. And when I was coming back from college th...
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Hatsune Miku Expo in New York Blu-ray

Takes me back to the actual concert!

29 Jan. 2016Permalink

Wow, its like having a flash back. I love it Best of all, I'M IN THE DOCUMENTARY! YAY! (Tall guy at the very end with the Miku hat right on the side of the other guy with a Miku hat too)
Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this piece of memorabilia!

Fun story: I had to run to the post office because they didn't want to deliver it since they needed my signature and I was not at my house the day before. So 15 minutes before the post office closed, I grabbed my bike and beat the "20 minutes" google said it would take me to get there. I even got lost lol but I really wanted this.

figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Not even sure why I bought it but it's GREAT! lol

29 Jan. 2016Permalink

My first thought when I saw the figure was "Hey, it could help me start drawing!" but I am those type of people who talk and talk but never actually do it. Either way, the figure is nice and looks great just as a normal figma.
The box was also full of some extras from TOM, so I'm more than happy for that.

My only problem is that the right leg is hard to move without it coming apart. Not sure if there was some kind of movement I did but the left leg joint is different from the one on the right, so it doesn't look symmetrical, and it somewhat bothers me. That is my only complain... That left leg which won't stay attached if I move it and the fact that it ...
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