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Hdge Technical Statue No. 15: Gantz:O Reika X Shotgun Ver.

Anyone who likes Gantz should get this

22 May. 2017Permalink

everything from the figure to the shipping was absolutely perfect!

Pocky Double Rich Matcha 2P

US $2.24 - $17.93( US $2.49 - $19.92 )
Pocky Double Rich Matcha 2P

soooo goood!

16 May. 2017Permalink

The subscription to snacks is pretty tempting XD

figma Berserk Movie Femto: Birth of the Hawk of Darkness Ver.


15 May. 2017Permalink

If you're into berserk and have the little extra cash the extra behilt version is amazing to add to your collection.

Super Sonico Office Lady Ver.1/7th Scale

so so cool

30 Apr. 2017Permalink

worth ever penny :))

figma Durarara!!x2 Izaya Orihara - Hachimenroppi Ver.


12 Apr. 2017Permalink

I was a little surprised it shipped from Oregon to Washington. I had no idea they kept any of these figures over here, but I'm not complaining. It beats waiting the 2 weeks from Japan.
The figure is super cool too. I really like the red eyes (which I didn't notice when I bought it).


figma One-Punch Man Saitama

Pretty cool figure, but its also kinda meh

02 Mar. 2017Permalink

The shipping, sculpt, paint, and condition of the product were all perfect, but the overall appearance and accessories were a bit lacking. T_T

figma Motoko Kusanagi: The New Movie Ver.

Excellent figma

02 Mar. 2017Permalink

Looks a little plain at first but once you look at the details all of it isn't just black. there are so many small neat details :)


figma Sword Art Online II Leafa

US $57.59( US $63.99 )
figma Sword Art Online II Leafa


01 Mar. 2017Permalink

Leafa was exactly as pictured! Such a great looking figma. A little on the unartculated side when it comes to posing the legs but its no biggy. Looks great! 10/10

figma Durarara!!x2 Izaya Orihara

US $58.49( US $64.99 )
figma Durarara!!x2 Izaya Orihara

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool

26 Jan. 2017Permalink

The Izaya figma turned out way cool with a few surprises! 10/10

figma Durarara!!x2 Shizuo Heiwajima

super accurate the anime!

22 Nov. 2016Permalink

Everything on this figure looks awesome. Great articulation and and the sculpt and paint is top notch.

figma Sword Art Online II Kirito: ALO Ver.


20 Oct. 2016Permalink

Paint and sculp is perfect. Kirito arrived way before the estimated date. Lots of care went into shipping. 5/5 stars :D

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance LR-048 Evangelion Test Type-01

Way super cool

29 Mar. 2016Permalink

Figure is really great looking with no paint mistakes and a ton of accessories that are pretty spiffy. I have it under alternating light panels and the colors on the figure really stand out especially the green portions.

The only draw back I have is that its not as flexible as I thought id be. Also moving the joints make harsh click sounds rather than being smooth moving joints.

Other than that this figure is pretty cool.

figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Awesome figure

23 Mar. 2016Permalink

Great for posing. The figure had no flaws or mold lines. Shipping was fast.

Mikasa Ackerman figma


20 Feb. 2016[Edited]Permalink

This Figma is not only super articulated but also comes with so many accessories and string to do aerial poses. TOM sent it quick and it also came with a few extra goodies. With the reasonable pricing that TOM offers I'll be sure to buy from here again.

figma Satsuki Kiryuin

US $51.29( US $56.99 )
figma Satsuki Kiryuin


20 Feb. 2016[Edited]Permalink

This this is amazing! So much care went into handling and shipping. Will buy from here again. The note left inside was a great touch. Tokyo Otaku Mode knows their customers.