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Kirby Mochi Mochi Big Plush


22 Feb. 2017Permalink

I was definitely in love with this plush and it's quality, it was so soft and looks so cute! I would really recommend this plush to others!

Sushi Socks

$5.99 - $40.99
Sushi Socks


22 Feb. 2017Permalink

I was very satisfied with the quality of these socks and how nice it was to roll them up into cute little sushi rolls

Sushi Socks Vol.2

$5.99 - $52.99
Sushi Socks Vol.2


22 Feb. 2017Permalink

These socks were very nice and fit well, I also loved how creative it was to roll up the socks into little sushi rolls

Kissmint: Juicy Pineapple Gum

Tastes amazing!

22 Feb. 2017Permalink

I really like pineapples and this gum tasted exactly like pineapple and tastes pretty sweet at the same time it frehens your breath and makes it smell like pineapples too

Kakugiri Pineapple Gummies


22 Feb. 2017Permalink

I really loved these gummies! It's just like eating tiny pineapples pieces!

TOM Premium Membership (2016 Holiday Edition)


05 Dec. 2016Permalink

Just can't wait to see what the premium membership offers!

Pometan & Friends Dog Plush Collection (Big)


02 Dec. 2016Permalink

If you love cozy, fluffy, fuzzy thing, and animals this is the perfect plush for you!

Alpacasso Rainbow Alpaca Plush (Big)

Cute And Soft

02 Dec. 2016Permalink

I really recommend buying this plush, it's very cute and the fur on it feels very soft, the quality of it is very great and could be great for yourself or a gift!
I personally got this for my best friend! ^-^

Namakemono no Mikke & Friends Sloth Plush Collection (Big)

Perfect Gift

02 Dec. 2016Permalink

I got this gift a bit early for Christmas for my friend who loves sloths, the plush was actually even a bit bigger than expected and I'm sure he'll love it!

Namakemono Mikke Sloth Plush Collection (Standard)


14 Nov. 2016Permalink

This plushie was really soft and cute, I really recommend people buying it if they like soft plushies!