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figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Oversold Preorder Caused Additional Month Wait, Great Service Regardless

18 Mar. 2016Permalink

I pre-ordered this Figma as my first TOM purchase in November of 2015. I chose TOM because they were the last retailer with the pre-order up that I felt was trustworthy as a friend had used them frequently. I wanted to buy this figure so that I could use it as a custom body for the spare Lucina head that came with her Figma release. Placing the order was simple, and the site was easy to navigate; I also really like that you pay for pre-orders up front rather than at the release dates, which seem to change frequently. I knew I had some months to wait, and so I did until January and the original release date rolled around. That was when I was informed by TOM that they had sold too many pre-ord...Read moreClose