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$11.99 - $335.99

Every fan of Japanese culture should play UFO catcher!

11 Jan. 2018Permalink

This new feature offered by TOM allows UFO catcher fans to finally be able to play cool games online and win actual prizes. The shipping is free and although it takes a week and a half to arrive, the prizes are definitely worth it. Thank you!

Pote Usa Loppy Rabbit Plush Collection (Big)

Very huggable Pote Usa Loppy character (Milk-Tea)

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

Overall pleased with the customer service and quality of plushie. He is a welcome addition to my loppy collection. I will definitely consider buying them as gifts too!

LIZ LISA Flower Rabbit Print T-Shirt

Love the design and the colors of this rabbit tee

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

If you want to add a little lace and cuteness, you can't go wrong with Liz Lisa shirts, but make sure to purchase them quickly because they sell out fast and are often not restocked for a while!

LIZ LISA Rabbit Ribbon iPhone Cover

Sweet iPhone case for Summer!

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

I love this case and have received compliments from coworkers. I am a true rabbit lover and hope to see more rabbit themes.

Famicom Stationery Supplies: Ballpoint Pens

For those who grew up with Nintendo, a must-buy item

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

I bought this as a gift and they love it. We grew up playing Nintendo games and the pen is really cool.

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma Meets Chairoikoguma Ballpoint Pen w/ Mascot

Stylish pens to brighten up office work ^_^

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

This pen helps to brighten my day at work. It's great for students and people with long hours in an office.

Amuse Plush Lucky Set (Standard)

The best Amuse mystery set from Otaku Mode

04 Jul. 2017Permalink

This plush set is not only worth the money but also includes rarer items than I have found in previous mystery boxes. I received two Kotori Tai items and a Pote Usa Loppy (my favorite series). I was very pleased to find that most items have been sold out for a while and are highly desired. I feel that the TOM staff really paid close attention to my order history to ensure that all items were new ones for me. Thank you.

LIZ LISA Interwoven Ribbon Knit Top

A cute and well-made knit item from LIZ LISA :-)

18 Jan. 2017Permalink

Part of the reason why I joined TOM was to find authentic LIZ LISA items, my favorite brand ever since I discovered it in Shibuya. Since I have not been in Japan to buy them directly in stores, I think it's great that TOM offers such an awesome variety of products with prompt shipping service. This mocha ribbon knit top is one of my favorite sweaters so far. I would caution that the sweater is actually fairly short in length, so if you don't normally wear petites, I would buy one of the longer LIZ LISA dolman sweaters or cardigans. Other than that, the fabric is comfy and stretchy, so it is definitely a more flexible knit item for wearing a tanktop underneath it.

Bursting with Cute! Biggest Plushie-Packed SPR Box Discount Set

Best discount plush set with a lovely assortment of AMUSE items.

18 Jan. 2017Permalink

The best part of this box full of plushies is the variety and quality of each plush. If you are an Amuse fan, this is a must-buy especially if you want items from different series, like I did.

Tsumeru! Mochikko Hige Manjyu Cat Plush Collection (Standard)

Sweet gift item

18 Jan. 2017Permalink

I bought the Fukunyan plushie for a friend and she is very happy with it. They are so adorable that I will surely be buying one for myself. I recommend these Hige Manjyu dolls as gifts for friends.

LIZ LISA Peplum Cardigan w/ Faux Fur Collar

Warm and comfortable winter item

18 Jan. 2017Permalink

The winter items from the LIZ LISA Japanese brand name are always amazing and I look forward to buying them because of the detailing on everything. I am very pleased with this cardigan and plan on wearing it even on cooler Spring days ^-^ It is just too cute to wear only for one season in the year. I recommend this item especially if you live in a cooler climate and can enjoy wearing it often!

Pote Usa Loppy Feminine Rabbit Plush Collection (Standard)

Perfect series for any bunny lover!

25 Mar. 2016Permalink

As a collector of various Pote Usa Loppy plushies, I am always pleased with the quality and design. What makes the Feminine series extra awesome is the addition of Sumire-chan (purple and white bunny). Highly recommended product and great value.

Rabi-dango Plush Collection

Adorable and super soft bunnies!

25 Mar. 2016Permalink

I bought one of the lop-eared Rabi-dangos for a friend, and I know she'll love it. It's so funny that the loppies look like they have beards, doesn't fail to make me smile. Will be waiting for new stock so I can get one for myself. I'm a big fan of the new Rabi-dangos in general.

earth music&ecology Rabbit Pullover

Super soft pullover from a trendy Japanese brand!

25 Mar. 2016Permalink

I found this bunny pullover on sale and am very happy I decided to buy it! I got the pink one with the light beige rabbit and have to say it's very nice for when I want to dress casually. Thankfully they had the M size, because I know that a lot of Japanese women's clothing is one size fits all, so it was nice to be able to choose the larger size. I'm looking forward to more great fashion items!

[TOM Exclusive] Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy (Miniature Stafford)

Adorable plush, plus a very soothing way to wind down after a tough day!

25 Mar. 2016Permalink

My friend owns a Nemuriale, so I thought I would buy the TOM exclusive one, not just because the puppy is adorable but also because I liked the design of the ribbon. Not only did TOM ship the product quickly, but ensured that it arrived in perfect condition. This puppy is super soft and looks like a typical stuffed animal. Its healing benefits are very good; so far I have used it to relax while working and it helps me chill out and decompress. I hope they bring back the Russian Blue kitten version, perhaps as a TOM exclusive?

Fuwatto Fuwacorochan Rabbit Plush Collection (Standard)

The angora bunnies are awesome

21 Feb. 2016Permalink

Well, I found these while browsing for a different Amuse product and was very keen on buying one because they look so fluffy. It exceeded my expectations; the material was very soft and the floppy ears are adorable!

La Petite Poupée Rabbit Mini Towel

Lovely and super soft mini towel!

21 Feb. 2016Permalink

I recommend this bunny-themed mini towel to any bunny lover out there. The material is soft and the design is very artistic and detailed. I bought the pink version and am very satisfied with the quality of the item. I wanted to carry it in my purse, but found that it makes for a very nice decoration.

Tsuchineko Buchi Colle Cat Plush Collection (Ball Chain)

Amazing detail on a small plushie

18 Jan. 2016Permalink

I bought both Heart and King Mustache and thought that they are very well made. My husband loved the King Mustache ball chain. The King has a very comical expression on his face, never fails to amuse me. The Heart kitty is also extremely soft and sweet.

Pote Usa Loppy Fur Collar Rabbit Plush Collection (Standard)

Good value for a popular AMUSE character

18 Jan. 2016Permalink

As a rabbit lover, this series appealed to me greatly because the bunnies look adorable in their fur collars. The price was reasonable too. I am happy with this item.

Kawaii Plush Lucky Bags

$67.99 - $264.99
Kawaii Plush Lucky Bags

The BEST and CUTEST items I have received so far

18 Jan. 2016Permalink

If you were fortunate enough to snag one of these Lucky Bags before they sold out, then you will likely agree that this is the best value ever. In my bag, although I chose Lucky Bag A, I received two big plushies. Not only that, but the overall value of my items was much more than I had expected. I received two big plushies, one medium sized and four smaller sized plushies. I do hope that TOM decides to run the promotion again soon.

Mofutans Pouch

An adorable pouch to store makeup and miscellaneous items!

18 Jan. 2016Permalink

Any rabbit lover would love this pouch. The Mofutans are one of my favorite San-X rabbit characters. The pouch is well-made and the pink color is really more vibrant when you see it in person. If you want a great value, definitely consider this pouch.

Sushi Socks Vol.2

$5.99 - $52.99
Sushi Socks Vol.2

Great socks that will make you smile

13 Jan. 2016Permalink

These are by far the funniest socks I have found on TOM's website. I gave the sea urchin version to my husband for Christmas and he was very happy to have them. If you know which sushi your friend or loved one prefers, then you can easily make this a very comical gift. I will be back to buy other varieties.

LIZ LISA Flower Applique Top

Gorgeous, Lace Design, Wonderful Blouse from Liz Lisa

13 Jan. 2016Permalink

I have been buying LIZ LISA clothes since I was introduced to them in the main Shibuya store a couple years back. Ever since returning to the U.S., I have been looking for sellers of LIZ LISA clothing and found a great one in TOM! I am very happy with this top. The only issue is that it is a little slim-fitting, but that is to be expected with this fashionable brand item.

Alpacasso Rainbow Alpaca Plush (Big)

Everybody loves this Rainbow cutie

13 Jan. 2016Permalink

I am an avid collector of Alpacasso items and have also won them at UFO catcher games in Tokyo, but I do enjoy buying them from TOM once in a while! This guy has become so popular over the past few years and is like the iconic image of the AMUSE brand. He is just as colorful and fluffy as the description states and makes my room brighter and happier. It is also nice that the rainbow bands pretty much match up and that the plush overall looks to be made well.

Tsuchineko Buchi Colle Cat Plush Collection (Big)

Awesome plush cats, very huggable!

13 Jan. 2016Permalink

I purchased the Mike and Heart big plushies, which seemed to sell out fairly quickly. Needless to say, I am so happy I ordered both of them because they are not only adorable, but also very huggable and can serve as cushions to rest on after a tiring day. I agree with other reviewers, the felt ribbon seemed a bit cheap and I would have liked to see the manufacturers use real ribbon. Aside from that, these are a must have item.

Kyun to Nakiusagi no Minori Pika Plush Collection (Ball Chain)

Sweet Rabbit Plushies, High quality product from AMUSE Japan

08 Oct. 2015Permalink

I usually look for Alpacasso items from the AMUSE brand, but recently, I came across these adorable little bunny mascots and decided to pick up the whole set. They really are cuter when you receive them, the pictures don't quite capture the details enough *(^_^)* I recommend the entire set because of the variety in colors of these dolls. Very happy that I bought from TOM, will be back again.