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Hitokoto Animal Bowls (Cat)

So cute!

10 Jul. 2016Permalink

I bought one of each bowl and they are just great! the surface isn't as smooth as it looks on the picture, it has some dents in it, maybe these are hand made? but the paint is spot on.
Overall i love them! perfect for a rice bowl!
8 out of 10

Rilakkuma Kira-pika Deluxe Sticker Book


10 Jul. 2016Permalink

So when i got this one i thought it would be small looking at the size that they said it would be but it's even smaller then that! i did the measurements, it's 9,5cm broad, 10,3cm tall and 0,8cm thick. meanwhile they say on the website that it would be the measurements of an A6, which are 10,5cm broad and 14,8 tall. But besides that point, the stickers are extremely cute and good quality.
6,5 out of 10

Sumikko Gurashi Happy School Notebooks


10 Jul. 2016[Edited]Permalink

I bought the pink notebook and it is perfect! The size is a bit smaller then the usual A4, this notebook is 18cm broad, 25,2 cm tall and 0,4cm thick. This notebook as a hard of cardboard, which i didn't expect. I would say that this is very useful for algebra and other math related subjects. I just love it so much I ordered 5 more (three brown and two pink).

Rilakkuma Soup Bowl


10 Jul. 2016Permalink

This bowl is way smaller then it looks on the pictures so go take a look at the measurements first. Besides that i'm very happy with it, it washes well and is microwave safe! i thought it would be a certain type of ceramic bowl but this one is made of plastic.

Overal i'm still very happy with it.

Rilakkuma Face Plush Pen Pouches

I'm in love

10 Jul. 2016Permalink

I love this pen pouch! it is so soft and you can fir more in there then it looks like :3