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Nendoroid Link: Majora's Mask 3D Ver.

Adorable collectable

29 Apr. 2016Permalink

Good Smile really like to spoil consumers with choice when it comes to posing! Link here comes with a variety of interchangeable parts, so that he can hold his sword, shield, a potion, or look as if he's running. There's two braces included, so you can also pose Tatl the fairy or one of the masks. There's a bit of weight to the figure, so alas, it doesn't stand on its own. However, it's sturdy, very nicely detailed and a great collectable for Zelda fans!

ArtFX J Mikasa Ackerman

At a loss for words

13 Feb. 2015Permalink

This figure is just so well detailed, and easy to set up. Attach Mikasa to log, pop in the blades, connect wires from 3DMG, voila. Buying any Attack on Titan figure from the ART FX range is a must for fans. They simply are so high in quality and look amazing.

Sushi Socks

$5.99 - $40.99
Sushi Socks


13 Feb. 2015Permalink

So cute I could eat my feet.