Rozen Kavalier Arabesque Handbag

Arabesque patterns even decorate the buckles~

Rozen Kavalier Arabesque Handbag
Rozen Kavalier Arabesque Handbag
Rozen Kavalier Arabesque Handbag
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Product Name: Rozen Kavalier Arabesque Handbag

Brand: Rozen Kavalier
Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 11 cm | 11.4" x 8.7" x 4.3"
Handle: 60-74 cm | 23.6"-29.1" (adjustable)
Materials: 95% synthetic leather, 5% polyester

This is an authentic Rozen Kavalier item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

Embroidered arabesque patterns, sparkly rhinestones, and basket weave embossing adorn this elegant Rozen Kavalier faux leather handbag that can also be worn over the shoulder. The sandy earth tone will pair well with autumn colors.

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