Ozz Croce Buckle Corset

Get ready for some steampunk action in this beautiful corset!

Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
Ozz Croce Buckle Corset
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Product Name: Ozz Croce Buckle Corset

Brand: Ozz Croce
Size: Free
Materials: 70% cotton, 30% polyester

This is an authentic Ozz Croce item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

Add a touch of Victorian elegance to your outfit with this breathtaking underbust corset from Ozz Croce! The velvety brown or wine color coupled with copper accessories from ornate cross-shaped zipper charms and buttons to buckles, as well as the embroidery on the side panels instantly takes you to a steampunk setting. Or a pirate crew!

Made of cotton and polyester, it can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes with the three lacings. It looks gorgeous both with tight and loose shirts and especially beautiful with off-the-shoulder blouses~

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Size Chart

Corset (cm / in) Free
Length (Center) 29 / 11.4
Length (Side) 23 / 9.1
Waist (Minimum) 58 / 22.8

All measurements are approximate.

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