HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress

Wrap yourself in punk-kawaii style with this dress!

HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress
HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress
HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress
HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress
HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress
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Product Name: HYPER CORE Sicks Mummy Dress

Size: Free
Material: 100% polyester

This is an authentic HYPER CORE item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

HYPER CORE is a special small brand that has their one-and-only shop in Harajuku (HYPER CORE HARAJUKU) and caters to bold, punk-Harajuku fashion enthusiasts. The brand was created by Japanese illustrator Hisacy whose interest in underground music and style is infused into each piece. ☠️

This strap dress features a black and white bandage design by the brand’s designer and creator Hisacy with a tiered skirt below and is accented with studs and a big black ribbon on the front for a punk-kawaii look that’s perfect for warmer weather but pairs perfectly with a zip hoodie or punk jacket too.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm / in) Free
Bust (elastic) 70 / 27.6
Waist 110 / 43.3
Length (including straps) 73-80 / 28.7-31.5

Measurements are approximations.

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