Sexy Sitting Daikon

See veggies in a whole new way through the hilarious Sexy Sitting series!

Sexy Sitting Daikon
Sexy Sitting Daikon
Sexy Sitting Daikon
Sexy Sitting Daikon
Sexy Sitting Daikon

Each product is made individually by hand. The actual product you receive will have a slightly different pose and/or coloring than what is shown in the pictures.

Product Name: Sexy Sitting Daikon

Series: Sexy Sitting
Manufacturer: Otonamiya
Dimensions (approx.): 5 x 5 cm | 2" x 2"
Material: Polymer clay

We all know that sometimes a fresh, homegrown vegetable can come out looking a little different than what you’ll see in a store, but this daikon radish takes it to the next level!

This is a part of the Sexy Sitting series, and as realistic as the coloring and texture of this daikon radish is, the added pose gives it a charming eeriness that’s fun and perfect for display. It’s made using polymer clay and is 2” by 2”. Be sure to check out the matching Sexy Sitting Carrot, too!

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