Shiawase Nikukyu Peach Gummies

The cat paw pad-inspired cuteness of these make them the perfect human treat.

Shiawase Nikukyu Peach Gummies 1
Product Name: Shiawase Nikukyu Peach Gummies

Manufacturer: Senjakuame Honpo Inc.
Flavor: Peach
Weight: 40g per bag
Ingredients: Starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, concentrated peach juice, powdered oblate (soy), sorbitol, acidulant, brightening agent, flavor, color (purple carrot), emulsifier

This product may have been manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy/milk, wheat, soy, or shellfish products.

Cat paw pads are ridiculously cute and squishy… it’s a shame cats aren’t fond of letting you play with them! Now you can enjoy that squishy cuteness in the form of these peach-flavored Shiawase Nikukyu gummies. They’re soft, chewy, and adorable, making them a fantastic treat!

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