figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition

The hero guided by the Triforce joins the figma series with a bevy of items!

figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 1
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 2
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 3
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 4
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 5
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 6
figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition 7
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  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
  • Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.
  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.

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Product Name: figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition

Series: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Product Line: figma
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Sculptors: Max Factory (Jun Yamaoka, Masu), Knead
Specifications: Painted, articulated, non-scale ABS & PVC figure with accessory parts and stand
Height (approx.): 140 mm | 5.5"

Order Limit: 3 per person

The hero guided by the Triforce joins the figma series!
A special edition of 'figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver.' featuring various additional items!

  • Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
  • He comes with three face plates including a strong-willed and confident expression, a powerful shouting expression as well as an expression with clenched teeth.
  • The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are both included.
  • The shield can also be displayed carried on his back, just like in the game.
  • The DX Edition includes the Ordon Sword, Hero's Bow and Arrow, Ball and Chain, Hawkeye and the Clawshot.
  • The Clawshot comes with both an open and closed claw which can be interchanged to recreate different poses.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

Also Available: figma Zelda: Twilight Princess Ver.

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Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander
17 Jun. 2017[Edited]
Very well done figure!

2 out of 2 people found this review to be helpful.

This figma is very well built, and is a very nice figure overall! It comes with plenty of really cool accessories, and is fun to pose and play with. I would say be very careful when using it, as some of the accessories, namely the arrow, is very thin and could break easily, but mine hasn't broken.
However, the actual build for the character seems very strange, specifically with the placement of the shoulder joints, and could look strange if you're not watching when posing the figure.
Also, the sidebangs on the hair are attached by a slot and with glue to the hair, and one of mine fell off. I don't think this is a normal issue, and my specific figure just didn't have e...
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best edition

a lot of complement.

wonderful quality

Comes with a large variety of props for link to equip on his person, all well made and look great, I attempted to fit at least two of his weapons on at once just cause i wanted to see them all displayed but can only do so much, but at first i was trying to place his shield on his arm and couldn't get it to fit no matter what without the strap on the shield popping out due to it being to tight of a fit. so decided to throw the sword and shield on his back instead. otherwise i have not tried the other props but i did notice that the front piece of the hookshot came off far too easily and i may just glue it in place.

05 Sep. 2017
Great Link

Far superior to the Skyward Sword Link in every way. Plus fits in better with a Smash display.


After a minor incident with mine (thanks so much TOM staff, you guys are amazing), I really fell in love with him! His paint job is great, he's detailed, and his hookshot and ball & chain have real tiny chains! It's AMAZING.
On the down side, his arrow seems very fragile and could snap easily. The spot where his stand inserts is questionable and also seems fragile. (It inserts into his back pouch).
He's an awesome additon to my collection!

09 Aug. 2017
Love this Figma

Just got him, very pleased with the quality and design. He looks perfect next to his Nendoroids and other Figma figures. His bow and mask have great details along with his extra parts. I recommend him to any Zelda fan!

05 Aug. 2017
oh hey Zelda....upps sorry I mean Link ;P

Of course a perfect figure...its figma..what else to expect. I'm so glad to finally have my first Link figure <2

Good shit

Very good quality, lots of stuff. Its figma you know its good

17 Jul. 2017[Edited]
Amazing Link with Arsenal of Great Accessories

So pleased with this figure. It captures the Twilight Princess version of Link perfectly. The plethora of accessories in the DX version are all beautifully made and detailed. With all the included extras, this figure feels like an incredible value.
Link and the Twilight Princess Zelda figure look great together. On a side note, while it isn't ideal, it is possible to pose Link with the Bow of Light that comes with the Zelda figure, if you feel inclined.

Ali Vang
Ali Vang
15 Jul. 2017
Awesome figure!

I like all the weapons he comes with for this version and it is great to have for any Zelda fan.

sage kali
sage kali
12 Jul. 2017
Excellent, attention to detail is great. Highly recommended!

5 stars as this item came exactly as i hoped. Great product and great packaging. I would recommend to any Zelda fan out there. Great value and detail for the price. Highly recommend going for DX version

30 Jun. 2017
An Epic Showdown

Mine is doing his jump attack against the "A Link Between World's" Link (DX as well), while Young Link is readying his sword for a spin-attack. Very epic!

27 Jun. 2017
Amazing Quality! As expected of a figma!

When it comes to pose-able action figures, the figma line always comes out on top. The quality feels much higher than that of figuarts and other similar lines of similar price points. This Link figure is no exception. The paint job is fantastic, and the joints are smooth yet stay in place. I love that the chains on some of the accessories were metal instead of plastic. I tend to end up not getting a lot of use out of the accessories, since I pose the figure and put it in a case never to be touched again, but they're nice to have, and great quality. I can't wait to have Zelda by his side!

25 Jun. 2017
Good good

Came in good condition

Great detail

Great detailed figure. Everything is perfectly crafted. Liked it a lot