Kiki's Delivery Service - Gutiokipanja 2017 Calendar

Kiki's Delivery Service - Gutiokipanja 2017 Calendar 1
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Product Name: Kiki's Delivery Service - Gutiokipanja 2017 Calendar

Series: Studio Ghibli 2017 Calendars
Manufacturer: TRY-X Corporation
Dimensions (approx.): 8.2 x 8.5 x 5.0 cm | 3.23" x 3.35" x 1.97"
Materials: PVC, ABS

Jiji the talking cat from Kiki's Delivery Service is the closest companion of the young witch-in-training, Kiki. So who better than this fabulous feline to help you keep track of the days!

This 2017 calendar features Jiji looking especially handsome in front of the Gutiokipanja bakery, where Kiki is welcomed by the kindhearted baker Osono and her husband, and from where her delivery adventures begin. And don't worry - even once 2017 is over, you can still use this calendar as a photo frame or note holder!

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12 product reviews
It's so beautiful T_T
07 Oct. 2016Permalink

Perfect size for desk <3! Very cute

Really tiny, but very cute!
06 Oct. 2016Permalink

I didn't expect this to be as small as it is, but it's super cute. It also doesn't quite sit flat, since the bottom is uneven, but I like it a lot anyway.

05 Oct. 2016Permalink

I bought these for a friend and she loves them!!

Not satisfy
20 May. 2017Permalink

Never received this product at all.

Adorable Gigi Calendar/Photo Frame
14 May. 2017Permalink

Makes a great photo frame after the monthly calendar is used up.

So Cute!!!
15 Mar. 2017Permalink

Absolutely adorable. And it fits perfectly on my desk! Not too big to obstruct anything, but still noticeable and good for reference. Totally worth it to buy or give as a gift to a Ghibli fan.

I love it!!!!!
25 Feb. 2017Permalink

If you are a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service than I recommend this item!!!!! The paintwork is beautiful and the calendar is cute! It is a tiny size but it makes for a nice office decoration! And after the months are over you could use it as a photo frame! Kiki's Delivery Service was and still is my favourite animated movie since I was young so if your a big fan I suggest to get this as it is a great memoir and collectors item!
The reason I gave it 4 stars is when you put it down it does not sit flat a bit. But I love it <3

Very cute, but smaller than expected.
14 Jan. 2017[Edited]Permalink

Jiji and his surroundings look even cuter in real life <3
Every month has a different design, so that will really great to look at, I bet.

Just quite tiny, but the good quality is obvious.

Kiki's Delivery Service - Gutiokipanja 2017 Calendar
20 Dec. 2016Permalink

I love it . Has great detail however I wish it was bigger as its expensive for a calendar that fits in the palm of your hand with room to spare. Still love it though.

Daughters forvorite
04 Dec. 2016Permalink

Wonderful detail, very good day cards and great place to leave notes for my Daughter

Love it!
30 Nov. 2016[Edited]Permalink

Although didn't expected it to be tiny, I still love it! It is so cute and will definitely add a little touch of cuteness on my messy desk :) can also be use as a small photo frame after 2017.

You can't go wrong with JiJi
13 Nov. 2016Permalink

Like most Studio Ghibli works, I love love love Kiki Delivery Service. One of my all time Fav animes. This piece is so cute! Love Jiji and his expression on this. Gotta get it if you don't have it