6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet

6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 1
6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 2
6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 3
6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 4
6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 5
6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet 6
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Product Name: 6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelet

Materials: Plastic, silicone

  • Circumference: 15 cm | 5.9" (adjustable)
  • Beads (max.): 1.5 cm | 0.6"
  • Beads (min.): 0.8 cm | 0.3"

This is an authentic 6%DOKIDOKI item made available on TOM with the permission of the original manufacturer.

The stories say that elite mermaids have been trying to get their hands on these 6%DOKIDOKI Popping!! Bubble Bracelets... And who can blame them?!

These bracelets would look incredible on the wrist of a mermaid, but they look just as amazing on us landlubbers, too!

Available in Tropical and Mermaid, their multi-colored beads make them the perfect accessory for a 6%DOKIDOKI outfit! (Or for a mermaid tail...)

There's more!

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13 product reviews
It's stunning.
16 Jul. 2017Permalink

I bought the mermaid bracelet and I can't stop looking at it. I love how it sparkles in the light. The bracelet can be a bit scratchy, although I suppose that's natural for these kinds of bracelets. It also fits my wrist perfectly and seems pretty stretchy. Overall, I'm immensely satisfied with my purchase.

08 Jun. 2017Permalink

I bought both colors of this bracelet because I like the fairy-kai style and the playfulness. They arrived fairly quickly and are just as cute as I imagined :)

Mermaid bubble bracelet
21 May. 2017Permalink

Love it. I bought two mermaid bracelet so I can put it on both hands. It's fun and oh so pretty ❤ worth the money

18 Mar. 2017Permalink

As stunning as picture, but wearing it is a bit scratchy.

Definitely a statement piece!
07 Mar. 2017Permalink

This bracelet is the perfect accessory to add POP to your outfit! It can tie everything together OR it can be a stand alone statement piece!

Very nice
28 Jan. 2017Permalink

Contrary to some reviews, this bracelet is stretchy and easily goes over my hand. It's very pretty and eye-catching.

Been wanting this for a while
30 Dec. 2016Permalink

First 6%DOKIDOKI item! Very nice

24 Oct. 2016Permalink

I've been drooling over the mermaid version for a while now and am so glad to finally have one! Even on big-handed people like me the bracelet glides right on. I am someone in love with textures, so this bracelet really fulfills my tactile desired. It': so colorful amd shiny, too! It'd look fantastic alongside a whole stack of bracelets or just all by itself. Very glad to finally have one!

07 Oct. 2016[Edited]Permalink

Love the bracelet, totally kawaii!

kawaii af
07 Aug. 2016Permalink

The mermaid bracelet is so cute that even my partner whose style is opposite of this admitted it was adorbs.

Absolutely かわいい! ^_^
14 Jul. 2016[Edited]Permalink

The product is absolutely cute, and in perfect conditions!
It is more beautiful than its image in the pictures!
Thank you very much! ^_^

totally cute!
10 Jul. 2016Permalink

I purchased the mermaid color and completely love it. I wore it to anime expo 2016 and got so may compliments & I just kept referring them to the tokyo otaku mode booth to get a promotional coupon. I do agree it is a bit snug for a bracelet, however, I do have a tiny wrist so it works.

beautiful but tight
22 Jun. 2016Permalink

okay this looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it's so sparkly and looks amazing in the sun, but it was very tight on my wrist. my wrist is probably medium size, it isn't big and it isn't super tiny. I still wear it a lot though but wish it was stretchier :D