6%DOKIDOKI Drops Necklace

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The marble design within the beads is created by hand so variations may occur. Each necklace may vary slightly in terms of color, thickness, and details.

*Design was renewed in May 2016.

Product Name: 6%DOKIDOKI Drops Necklace

Materials: Plastic, alloy

  • Beads: 2 cm | 0.8"
  • Length: 39-46 cm | 15.4"-18.1"

★ This poppy, colorful necklace looks like large candies tied sweetly together. Put it on to bring some seriously cheerful impact to your neck. Its pastel color arrangement is irresistible!

★ We recommend it as a super cute accent piece for pairing with turtlenecks and blouses too.

★ Make it even more kawaii by pairing it with the bracelet from the same series!

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12 Jun. 2016[Edited]
Absolutely love it!

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I bought this since I had a discount coupon and a few points I had yet to use! I'm already a huge fan of 6%DOKIDOKI and I really wanted to buy this necklace since I had the matching bracelet and it's just perfect!The colors are just as vibrant as in the picture and the beads are nice and chunky!
The chain is also a nice length, just in case you want to adjust it to a longer or shorter setting. The vibrant pastel colors for this necklace make it ideal for anyone who is into Fairy Kei or Decora, or heck! Just for anyone that wants a nice splash of color for an outfit! Would highly recommend for a colorful wardrobe!
(QUICK UPDATE AS OF 6/11/2016- Double check that the chain of t...
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