Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.

Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver. 1
Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver. 2
Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver. 3
Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver. 4
Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver. 5

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Product Name: Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Sculptor: Yokoyama
Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, 1/12 scale figure with stand
Height (approx.): 150 mm | 5.9"

Order Limit: 3 per person

A new series of collectible figures! S-style! The second in the series is Megurine Luka!

A new series of figures that aim to create palm-sized figures that are both 'SMALL & STYLISH' - S-style! The second to join the series is Megurine Luka wearing a sexy swimsuit with her long hair elegantly flowing around her.

While the figure is quite small, the sculpting of her characteristic twin tails and even the coloring of her eyes have been given the utmost attention to bring a high quality figure for a reasonable price. You can also display her together with the first in the series, Hatsune Miku, to start your S-style collection!

The S-style series is just beginning, so be sure to look forward to more in the future!

There's more!

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Megurine Luka V4X 1/4 Scale Figure
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19 product reviews
Small but nice
16 Apr. 2017Permalink

She is actually smaller than I expected her to be because she is my fist 1/12 figure, but she still looks great! The figure comes in several pieces: head, body, both legs, her left arm and the stand of course. The stand is actually pink like her hair instead of clear, but that wans't a problem for me.
She is definetly worth the money

04 Jun. 2017Permalink

Overall the figure is great , only wished it was a bit bigger but im not complaining with it.

26 Feb. 2017Permalink

The packers were amazing. I was surprised at how well everything was wrapped. I was not a huge fan of putting the doll together and I was scared I would break her... Great quality. Thanks!

Absolutely fantastic!~
25 Feb. 2017Permalink

shipping was amazing, said it would take 3-5 weeks and it only took 2. Amazingly well done. Although building the figure was a bit of a hassle, not having any broken parts is much much better. Once again amazingly well done and I hope to find more products like these is the future.

06 Feb. 2017Permalink

The figure was great better than I expected !

Excelent quality...
09 Jan. 2017Permalink

The order took very little time from being shipped to delivered and arrived in pristine condition, so I am quite pleased.

Fairly nice figure for the price but nothing special
08 Jan. 2017Permalink

The figure was a very good price and I think I got my money's worth however I do have some complaints. Primarily the fact that the figurine comes in several pieces. I don't mind some assembly, but when I have to put the head, legs, and arm on I start to think that it's a bit excessive. The hard part was the right leg which due to the position of the right arm went on a bit hard. Ultimately it's not a bad figure and I think her and Miku complement my shelf quite nicely

Worth the preorder
18 Dec. 2016Permalink

I love this figure, it looks so nice and I bought it with the Miku swimsuit ver. I bought when it first came out for preorder which came with the free gift wrap and free display case so I lucked out, but the fact it was pushed back from the February released date to August and I didn't get it till late September was annoying.

Luka Luka Night fever
10 Oct. 2016Permalink

Great figure, looks great next to Miku :)

Quality figurine!
09 Oct. 2016Permalink

For how small and affordable this figure was I was surprised to see how finely detailed it was! Keep in mind she does come in pieces so a little assembly is required which took me about 3 minutes. The painting is excellent. The molding is decently sharp. Cheap figures tend to have round edges where they should have been sharp like the hair or fingers for example, but it's pretty good here! She looks great in a display case or on a desk, but probably better on a desk, read on to find out why. I only have two minor gripes though; the mouth doesn't look as open as the store photo shows and the base looks like a purple gear cog which is just "meh." It doesn't go with any of...Read moreClose

Over my expectation
06 Oct. 2016Permalink

high quality and low price, I will start pay more attention to that manufacturer...

27 Sep. 2016Permalink

One of the best figures I own. The Miku and Luka pair looks great together. A must buy!

The Miku that was.
23 Sep. 2016Permalink

Megurine Luka, being the almost Miku and figure #2 of this series, is by far the cutest. Stands at about the same height as Sonico, but taller than Miku; they all look nice while looking at you or away from you!

20 Sep. 2016Permalink

Absolutely amazing, must have!

Megurine Luka Figure Beautiful ^_^
19 Sep. 2016Permalink

Love this Luka Figure so much sense she is my number 1 favorite Vocaloid and its worth the wait. Figure was made great and the details on it was nice for 1/12 scale figure. This is my first FREEing figure to have by the Manufacturer, you'll have to put together the head, left arm, and the legs to the body. Overall owning this Luka Figure is great, details are very good on it, and I would recommend this to any Luka fan who really like her. ^_^