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Product Name: Galesnjak Heart Look Set

Manufacturer: Groove Inc.
Material: Cotton, polyester, etc.
Set Contents:

  • Cardigan
  • Sleeveless Top
  • Tulle Skirt
  • Belt
  • Shoes

Dress your doll up in this super sweet Galesnjak Heart Look Set and they're sure to look their most adorable! This pretty pink set comes with a cardigan, sleeveless top, tulle skirt, belt, and shoes. The blue in the fashionable two-tone belt matches the high-heel shoes beautifully, and the flower design on the cardigan makes this look really stand out. This set would be perfect for your Pullip, Dal, or Byul dolls!

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17 May. 2016
Pretty in Pink

The cardigan, sleeveless top, skirt, and belt are all well made with very good quality material. However, the same cannot be said for the shoes. They are simply covered all over in a slightly sticky blue paint.

For Dals, the skirt and belt are fine. However, the cardigan appears too large for the Dal's small torso. The shoes are also too loose, and the sleeveless top's shoulder straps do not sit on the Dal's shoulders--they just hang above them.

This outfit is cute, and would probably fit Pullip bodies well. However, it is not entirely compatible with Dal and Byul bodies.

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