figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver. 1
figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver. 2
figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver. 3
figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver. 4
Product Name: figma Archetype: She Flesh Color Ver.

Manufacturer: Max Factory
Product Line: figma
Specifications: articulated ABS & PVC figure with stand
Height: approx. 13 cm | approx. 5.1"

Order Limit: 3 per person

Love your figmas but want even more flexibility? Lucky for you figma has re-released its female Archetype figure which comes in an unpainted flesh color with all the usual figma joints visible for your to create ever more interesting scenarios with your figures. Perfect for mixing and matching with your existing figma collection Archetype She also comes with her own figure stand too. Why not pair her with the Archetype He for even more exciting action scenes?

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An artist's best friend

3 out of 3 people found this review to be helpful.

Forget those stiff, wooden art mannequins. They hold no candle to the flexibility of Figma; I ordered both the male and female archetype. The Archetype series can achieve a far wider range of poses and positions, making them excellent for an artists needing a consistent point of reference for the human figure.

Aside from a two month delay, the tracking system was accurate to my shipment. I also got a wonderful presentation for my package. We just need a little more transperency in HOW LONG products are delayed for.

29 Jan. 2016[Edited]
Worth it!

2 out of 2 people found this review to be helpful.

Awesome tool for drawing!

So much better than the wooden mannequins. I've had the wooden ones for years but hardly ever used it.

This is so much more closer to actual human anatomy and can do a lot of action poses.

04 Jan. 2017[Edited]
Love it

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

Shipping was wonderful, everything was wrapped very carefully. The product itself its lovely. It was very easily possible I am extremely happy with this purchase. Thank you so much!

Not even sure why I bought it but it's GREAT! lol

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

My first thought when I saw the figure was "Hey, it could help me start drawing!" but I am those type of people who talk and talk but never actually do it. Either way, the figure is nice and looks great just as a normal figma.
The box was also full of some extras from TOM, so I'm more than happy for that.

My only problem is that the right leg is hard to move without it coming apart. Not sure if there was some kind of movement I did but the left leg joint is different from the one on the right, so it doesn't look symmetrical, and it somewhat bothers me. That is my only complain... That left leg which won't stay attached if I move it and the fact that it loo...
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Awesome little model!

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

This wonderful little Figma, though quite small, is very intricately designed and assembled very elegantly! I have a few ball jointed dolls that I like using as models but I don't always want to grab them and leave them on my work table, this small little figure is perfect to leave on my drawing table and the myriad of poses she can hold is mind blowing! I do wish I had one a little larger as well, but I'm very satisfied with quality and craftsmanship of this item! Probably the best figma I've ever owned and definitely the most useful for art purposes and rendering the human form in motion!


She's the perfect artist's model. Never complains, always perfectly posed.

16 Jun. 2016
A nice model

This is a really nice model, but after I received it and really got to look at it and pose it, I realized the proportions are not exactly what I wanted. It's more short in stature, "youth" type of body. So I opted to buy the S.H. Figuarts models which I think have more realistic adult body proportioning :)

It's great

It's not as flexible as I expect, but it's great though

Grade B+

The only problem is literally just the size.

31 Mar. 2016

satisfied with the figma even though it is not really perfect as I expect, but still a good model for drawing


its perfect,and really good shipment

Awesome figure

Great for posing. The figure had no flaws or mold lines. Shipping was fast.

Oversold Preorder Caused Additional Month Wait, Great Service Regardless

I pre-ordered this Figma as my first TOM purchase in November of 2015. I chose TOM because they were the last retailer with the pre-order up that I felt was trustworthy as a friend had used them frequently. I wanted to buy this figure so that I could use it as a custom body for the spare Lucina head that came with her Figma release. Placing the order was simple, and the site was easy to navigate; I also really like that you pay for pre-orders up front rather than at the release dates, which seem to change frequently. I knew I had some months to wait, and so I did until January and the original release date rolled around. That was when I was informed by TOM that they had sold too many pre-ord...Read moreClose

Excellent to say the least

This works great as an art figure. Proper flexibility, anatomical correctness, and a sleek look. The only downside is that neck does not move, only the head which means you cant give it a wide range of motion to look around.

Best PK
Best PK
18 Feb. 2016
good figma

the figma is a super small but the quality is great!