Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink

Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 1
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 2
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 3
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 4
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 5
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 6
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 7
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 8
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 9
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 10
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 11
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 12
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 13
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 14
Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink 15

The photos shown are of a product in development and may differ from the final product.
The nozzles in the heels can be detached to reduce the squeaky sound.

Product Name: Akiba Sandals - Lavender x Light Pink

Manufacturer: Alice Project
Color: Lavender x Light Pink
Sizes: M, L
Materials: EVA, PVC

These sandals are Kamen Joshi original products!

Worn by members of the talked-about group Kamen Joshi (Mask Girls) and some manga characters, these Akiba Sandals represent energetic otaku spirit and also make great gifts! Enjoy their monster-like design, the squeaky sounds they make, and their sturdy construction making them perfect for all kinds of occasions! Available in medium and large, this version is a combination of dreamy lavender and soft light pink! Stand out and make the world a better place with this otaku-approved footwear!

About Kamen Joshi
Kamen Joshi are idols who conceal themselves with masks even though they live the idol life! Kamen Joshi are the leading underground idols. They are the first indie female artist group to achieve the brilliant accomplishment of ranking in at 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Chart for their single released on New Year’s Day 2015. Their performance highlights that keep fans on their toes include stage diving and crowd surfing on an inflatable boat.

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Size Chart

Size Chart (cm) Medium Large
Size 23-25 25-28

All measurements are approximations.

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01 May. 2015[Edited]
So cute!

6 out of 6 people found this review to be helpful.

These shoes are incredibly adorable, it's like having a big pair of kitty kaiju feet that squeak with every step! I do however recommend getting a medium if you have a size 6-9 foot and the large if you have a size 10-12 foot, as I have recently ordered both sizes. Just to be on the safe side I would really recommend measuring your feet before buying!

02 Jul. 2016[Edited]
No improvements at all

1 out of 1 people found this review to be helpful.

My second arrived! The claws got flattened again. Especially in the middle. I don't think it is really well made with care like Japanese do. Or the way that is packed in a plastic bag makes them flat. Yes, they are made in Thailand but not well made. I can see some black paint or dirt that couldn't get off no matter what I tried and some rub under the sandals that are badly molded plus to the holes that are not taken off correctly.

06 Sep. 2017
Hurts after a while

So I bought the larger size in these, and while I have small feet... these shoes STILL hurt! I have to keep the straps up or else these shoes will crush my toes, haha. Aside from the toe problem, these shoes are super adorable and fun to wear. People love them, and they are a nice, attractive alternative to american Crocs. I think the squeaking is pretty hilarious too!

durga usagi
durga usagi
06 Dec. 2016[Edited]

perf all perfect. all arrived perfectly.

Love them!

They squeak when you walk! I love these. They are fun and cute and comfortable room shoes.

Akiba sandals

This really kawaii sandals are perfect for everything.
I use them when i'm home or when i go to pool parties. They are so confortable and cool.
I love them, and u will love them too.


These shoes feel and look very high quality. I wear a size 8 in US women's and got the medium size, and my toes feel a tiny bit squished, but not so much that they're uncomfortable.

The squeaking is cute, but if you don't want them to make noise there's a little hole on the heel where the air comes in/out, and I imagine you could block it to make it stop.

My only concern is that I feel like I have to be a little careful with claws to avoid them getting messed up. These are more for decorative wear then practical wear.

Kuma Hime
Kuma Hime
08 Mar. 2016
Love love LOVE!

For a while I have wanted these shoes and once they got restocked I just had to grab them! They shipped and arrived very quickly! I ordered them on March 3rd and they got here on March 7th! Once I opened the box I fell in love even more! And they fit great! I ordered them in size M and I'm wear a 9.5. For the squeak, you do need to press down a little hard to hear it but overall it is an amazing product and will definitely recommend them to friends!

16 Feb. 2016[Edited]
Very cute!

They came in quick and were just as described!

Love them except

These are the cutest and the M size fits my women's sized 6 1/2 to 7 size foot. The only problem is I think one was defective as the squeaker doesn't work. The other works perfectly, so I figured it was just the pressure difference in my walking, but I took out the little bit that makes the noise and it was filled with sticky stuff. I tried to clean it out, but it still doesn't work. Other than that I love them. If the squeaker worked on both shoes, they would be perfect.

Beautiful and kawaii!

Great quality! Love the squeaky noise! So cute! And confortable

11 Sep. 2015
3 out of 5 stars

Not bad quality, these shoes are good for summer/warm weather but make sure to buy the right size. The ones I bought were a bit too small.

So cute!

I love the color for these. They look just like the picture, in case you were wondering. I ordered the medium size. Although they feel fine when I wear them as pictured, but when I try to wear them with the pink strap down in the back, it pushes my big toe into the part of the shoe where the cat toe is shaped and its uncomfortable. And the squeak can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, I love these and would definitely get another pair in another color.

Comfy and Cute

I love these shoes! They're very comfortable and easy to slip on and take off.
I originally bought them for their cat-like look to them. But found myself enjoying the squeak while I walked and the comfort they provide.
I wear them whenever I feel too lazy to sit and put on my regular shoes/ after a night out in heels/ and to the beach because the sand won't stay inside and I can rise them and dry them quickly and easily.
They are definitely an eye and ear catcher when you're out and about and I've had a lot of kids point and stare and parents come to ask me where I got them from.
When I wear long enough jeans you don't even realize they're actually ...
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i shall squeak forever more!!!!

This shoe is very comfortable and the squeak is soooo cute <3

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