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Product Name: winumeri Tin Badges

Creator: winumeri
Specifications: full color metal badges
Diameter: approx. 76 mm | approx. 3 in
Versions: A, B, C

Creator’s Comment
Originally, these started out as circular cuts for use at events and such, but after I added the backgrounds and posted them on Tumblr I was getting a good response to them so I decided to turn them into these badges.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator winumeri you’re going to love these fantastic round tin badges. There are three versions available, each measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter: A - a young girl holding a hairbrush against a background of cute dinosaurs with blue and pink highlights; B - a young girl making the “peace” sign in black and white against a purple background; and C - a happy looking young girl with a cat ears headband against a pink background.

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29 Jan. 2017[Edited]
These are adorable~

At first, I was worried that these buttons probably wouldn't have lasted as long as others have, especially in the rain. However, I've come to learn that the illustration isn't printed on paper and then placed under a plastic shell. Rather, it's printed onto the actual metallic surface.

Cute and Sturdy

The design is clear and printed well and the badge itself is good quality and sturdy; I don't think this is the sort of badge that's gonna bend or break easily. Very satisfied.

31 Dec. 2015
Love it!

I loved this button it was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be the quality is nice and the art is so cute!