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Product Name: winumeri Tin Badges

Creator: winumeri
Specifications: full color metal badges
Diameter: approx. 76 mm | approx. 3 in
Versions: A, B, C

Creator’s Comment
Originally, these started out as circular cuts for use at events and such, but after I added the backgrounds and posted them on Tumblr I was getting a good response to them so I decided to turn them into these badges.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator winumeri you’re going to love these fantastic round tin badges. There are three versions available, each measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter: A - a young girl holding a hairbrush against a background of cute dinosaurs with blue and pink highlights; B - a young girl making the “peace” sign in black and white against a purple background; and C - a happy looking young girl with a cat ears headband against a pink background.

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