Nendoroid Kagamine Len (Re-Release)

Nendoroid Kagamine Len
Nendoroid Kagamine Len
Nendoroid Kagamine Len
Nendoroid Kagamine Len
Nendoroid Kagamine Len

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Product Name: Nendoroid Kagamine Len (Re-Release)

Series: Character Vocal Series 02: Rin/Len Kagamine
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Specifications: Painted, articulated, non-scale ABS & PVC figure with accessories and stand
Height: 100 mm | 3.9"

Order Limit: 3 per person

Vocaloid Kagamine Len is ready for another lively duet with Rin! This Nendoroid re-release is extra special because it comes with three of the best facial expressions submitted by fans. A blank facial expression is also included, enabling infinite possibilities for Len’s expression. The vivid and detailed painting of his outfit has been perfectly completed and is sure to be appreciated by fans and figure photographers. Display Len together with the Rin, Luka, and Miku Nendoroids also available on the TOM Shop for an even more impressive display!

There's more!

Kagamine Rin (Senbonzakura)
Kagamine Rin (Senbonzakura)
$17.10 (15.98% cash back)
Kagamine Len (Senbonzakura)
Kagamine Len (Senbonzakura)
$17.10 (15.98% cash back)
Nendoroid Co-de Kagamine Len: Trickster Co-de
Nendoroid Co-de Kagamine Len: Trickster Co-de
$0.30 (0.97% cash back)
Kagamine Len ~Hanairogoromo~ 1/8 Scale Figure
Kagamine Len ~Hanairogoromo~ 1/8 Scale Figure
$18.02 (10.99% cash back)

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32 product reviews
It is what it is
16 Jun. 2015Permalink

This len nendo doesn't come with much, what you see in the promo pictures is what you get. However, buyer beware that since this is an old nendo, some parts just won't stick on correctly. I like it, but the fact that the joints are weak and the arm parts won't stick are a huge turn off to me. I almost broke a neck joint, attempting to swap heads with another nendo. Compared to current nendoroids, this one has weak joints and many issues, it's not worth it unless you've had previous experience with really old nendos.

Super happy with him!
12 Jun. 2015Permalink

Every Nendoroid + Vocaloid fan should have him! He's really cute, and looks really nice next to Rin. Although there's a few places where the painting/sculpting could have been better, it's understandable because he's one of the first Nendoroids. If you've been thinking about buying him, I'd say to go for it!

Len Kagamine Nendoroid
14 Apr. 2015Permalink

Item as described, fast delivery, would recommend it to any vocaloid fan!

13 Feb. 2015Permalink

I love it so much! It is very cute

Not very posable, but still adorable.
19 Jan. 2015Permalink

If you are looking for something with more posing options, this might not be for you. He is still really cute, and I would recommend him.

It's really good and cute!!
11 Apr. 2017[Edited]Permalink

This Kagamine Len is just so cute and adorable! <3
He has cute expressions a the bonus expressions are adorable too!
You should totally buy one!

fast delivery!
28 Mar. 2017Permalink

Fast delivery didn't expect to receive my purchase so quickly!

Fast shipping, great product!
02 Mar. 2017Permalink

The nendoroid came in the mail super quickly! I adore it and it's in great quality. Worth it!

30 Nov. 2016Permalink

This is one of the cutest Nendoroids! He's made so well and all his parts keep together well.

A great classic Len!
12 Nov. 2016Permalink

Short sweet and to the point, hes a requirement for any fan of this vocaloid!

My opinion with the Nendoroids
13 Sep. 2016[Edited]Permalink

One Nendoroid a must have, from my point of view, well-drawn lines in the eyes and holding. For me nendoroid you sent me had all the criteria and more.

I'm very happy for the quality and service procedure !
Thank you very much !

Short Summary of the Product
31 Aug. 2016Permalink

This nendoroid is everything I expected. I love the accessories and faces it came with and do not regret this purchase at all.

Amazing but fragile
27 Aug. 2016Permalink

Aside from the pegs fitting bit loosely some parts (specifically the heaphones) are extremely easy to break although nothing superglue can't fix. its a great nendoroid to have and I love it!!

Len Nendoroid
13 Jul. 2016Permalink

Came in brand new quality and in a timely fashion.
His earphones don't seem to want to go back onto his ears whenever I change the face, though, so that's a problem. Other than that there's nothing wrong with it c:

07 Jul. 2016Permalink

Len is very adorable!