Witch's Garden Tumblers

by Jaguar

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Product Info
Volume: 500ml
PartMaterialHeat Resistance
Tumbler BodyPolypropylene100°C
CoverAS Resin90°C
Cover BasePolyethylene100°C
・Wash tumbler and lid well with milddetergent before using.
・After using, wash with a sponge soaked in a mild detergent.
Wipe down well and dry. Do not use a scrubbing brush or powder, as these may scratch the surface.
・Even when tightly screwed, the cover and tumbler will not be completely sealed. If leakage onto the mat is a concern, remove andwash.
・Do not soak in liquid, as this may cause leaking to occur onto the mat.
・Condensation may form from a difference in temperature between the beverage and the product. If this occurs, disassemble the cover and body of the tumbler and wipe down. Take caution when reassembling to avoid bending or distortions.
・The lid does not form a complete seal with the tumbler. Contents may spill when not upright, so take caution.
・Excessive force may cause damage.
・Take caution with hot beverages, as these may cause b­­urns.
・Do not use with beverages that exceed the heat-resistant temperature, dry ice, carbonated beverages or alcohol.
・Avoid using with dishwashers.
・Do not use with microwave or put in contact with direct flames.
・Do not place near flames or in areas of high temperature.
・Use only as intended.
・Keep out of reach of small children.

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Witch's Garden Tumblers
Witch's Garden Tumblers
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