Sakuragi Ren

Illustrator - Japan
Freelance illustrator. I currently draw primarily illustrations for social games.



  • Chibi Devil

    I drew a devil girl, which I really love. I like that she has smaller wings and fangs than a scary type of devil that poke out only a little.

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  • Blue Girl

    I wanted to draw a blue girl, so I drew this piece. I drew her in the image of a trapped princess.

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  • Scythe Cat

    A devil + cat. I like drawing scythes just as much as drawing devil girls.

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About Me

Sakuragi Ren

Illustrator / Japan

Freelance illustrator. I currently draw primarily illustrations for social games.

There are still a lot of things I can’t draw or am not good at drawing, so I practice and study every day. I love occultic things like devils and vampires, and often draw them. I want to draw more and more things from here on.

  • Creator NameSakuragi Ren
  • GenreIllustration
  • NationalityJapanese
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday12/17/1994

    Work History

    ■ Work Edia Co. Ltd. - “Meiyaku no Guardian Knights” (1 illustration) FutureScope Corp. - “Hissatsu Shigoto Hito - Oshioki Collection” (several illustrations) Caerux Co. Ltd. - “Junketsu Duelion” (1 illustration) Square Enix Co. Ltd. - “Galaxy Dungeon” (several illustrations) Pokelabo Inc. - “Sangoku Infinity,” “Sengoku Gensokyoku” (several illustrations) CYBRiDGE Corp. - “Mecha Shojo Taisen Z” (several illustrations) Axas Consulting Japan Co. Ltd. - “Itsudemo Emergency” (several illustrations) Visualworks Co. Ltd. - “Chronodios” (several illustrations) Dank Hearts Co. Ltd. - “Beast Girls” (several illustrations) Pixiv - “Pixiv 5th Anniversary Book” commemorative book (several illustrations) Coremagazine - “Pixiv Girls Collection 2011” (a girl I drew was published) Tokyo Otaku Mode - “CocoPPa” collaboration special (offered 1 illustration) Pixiv - “Tokyo Designers Week 2010” (exhibited by Pixiv) ■ Contests Anime “Miss Monochrome” Cosplay Design Contest - Award of Excellence Rodoku Shojo Illustration Contest - Chosen GMO App Character - Award of Excellence Ameba Game Illustration Contest - Bronze Award Clip Postcard Contest - Nominated Kodansha Famous Schools “Comic Illustration Contest” - Honorable Mention