Long-Awaited Limited Edition Item: Star Wars 1/1 Scale “R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator”

Now Available for Pre-order in Japan through Tokyo Otaku Mode

TOKYO - Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc., a company known for the promotion of Japanese pop culture to a global audience (hereinafter referred to as TOM; Incorporated in Delaware, US; President & CEO Tomohide Kamei) opened pre-orders for the Star Wars 1/1 scale “R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator” on Oct. 29, 2015.

The “R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator” is on sale domestically in Japan through a special page on the Tokyo Otaku Mode homepage (http://otakumode.com/shop/haier/aqua/R2-D2-Moving-Refrigerator).

R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator

Product Name Model Pre-order Start Date Retail Price Estimated Shipping Date
R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator ASR-RD6E Oct. 29, 2015 998,000 Yen (tax not included) Delivery starts from mid-December

The “R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator” is developed and manufactured as the series of AQUA by Haier Asia Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Haier Asia; Located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO Yoshiaki Ito), and is a never-before-seen refrigerator based on the popular droid character R2-D2™ from the “Star Wars” franchise. Not only does the product’s torso function as a cooler for keeping chilled beverages, it can also be moved around by a remote controller.

Further functions include a projector inside the head of the droid, and replicated functions that the real R2-D2™ has in the movies. The “R2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator” is intricately manufactured in Japan with much attention paid to the quality of its build. With movement and sound effects also faithfully representing that of the original character, this product was made possible by the passion and dedication to the project by CEO Yoshiaki Ito, who himself has been a fan of the “Star Wars” franchise for 30-some years. Because the product is manufactured on a made-to-order basis, every product has its own serial number, making it a one-of-a-kind R2-D2™ for every home.

[Product Special Features]

  1. Cooler section in torso which can keep cans and plastic bottles cool. Robot can move in all directions with the use of a remote control powered by internal batteries.*1
  2. Supervised by Lucasfilm Ltd., all of R2-D2’s distinctive details are faithfully replicated on the unit. In addition to its appearance, it can even move like R2-D2, its head can turn left and right, it’s installed with LEDs, and it has sound effects.
  3. A projector is installed in the head, and by using Miracast for Android the unit can project videos displayed on an Android device.*2
*1 In order for the cooler function to run, it must be connected to the provided AC adapter. Only remote control movement and projections are powered by the internal battery.
*2 Projection works via WiFi using Miracast for Android. iOS devices are not supported. The unit’s projector has an internal WiFi receiver. Android version 4.2 or later is required.

[Product Outline]

Product NameR2-D2™ Moving Refrigerator
Pre-order Start DateOct. 29, 2015 (Delivery Estimation:_ Mid-December)
Retail Price998,000 yen (tax not included, shipping price included)
Country of OriginJapan
Size (W x L x H)650 x 620 x 950 mm
Weightapprox. 50 kg
Refrigerator Capacity6L
PowerAC100V (50/60Hz)
BatteryCan run for ~2 hours on full battery (without weight burden)
Cooling MethodPeltier cooling system
FunctionsCooler function, Remote operation, Image projection
ProjectorBrightness - 32lm, Resolution - 1920x720, Light Source - Laser diode
AccessoriesInfra-red remote control (includes 2 AAA batteries), AC adapter, charger
Sales PageTokyo Otaku Mode Special Site
Sales RegionJapan only

*Not sold outside of Japan

About Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Tokyo Otaku Mode began on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tokyootakumode) on March 24, 2011 as a page sharing news, events, and merchandise relating to Japanese pop culture. Within 22 months, the page had over 10 million likes. Now at 18 million likes as of October 2015, they rank in the top 50 amongst other world-leading brands in the brand pages category.* Their e-commerce site, Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop, launched in 2013, aimed at global consumers. The shop directly deals with manufacturers and makers of pop culture merchandise in Japan and curates items aimed for a global audience on its homepage. TOM also supports artists and creators within the industry by collaborating to produce and commodify original merchandise. In September 2014, the company received an official investment from Cool Japan Fund Inc., and continues to work to advance their mission of helping to bring the best of Japanese pop culture to fans all over the world.

*Researched by Social Bakers (http://www.socialbakers.com/) (as of October 2015)
Any company or product names referred to herein are registered trademarks of their respective organizations.

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