Appointment of Andy Miller, former VP of Mobile Advertising at Apple Inc., as Advisor to Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Andy Miller, a former Apple VP and current President and Chief Operating Officer of Leap Motion, a motion-control software and hardware company, has accepted the appointment of advisor to Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM, Delaware, U.S.; President & CEO, Tomo Kamei). TOM is a venture that advocates and distributes Japanese otaku culture (Japanese anime, manga, cosplay, etc.) to the world. Miller will offer advice based on his experiences as a venture entrepreneur and management executive, as well as his knowledge of the mobile advertisement business and the latest Internet and digital technologies. With Miller’s advice, TOM aims to increase its value by producing a strengthened management, an accelerated effort for the development of Web apps, and an increase in the quality and versatility of our services.

Miller currently serves as President and COO of Leap Motion. He served as a General Partner at Highland Capital Partners and previously reported directly to Steve Jobs as Vice President of Mobile Advertising at Apple Inc. He led the iAd division, the mobile advertising network for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Miller was also the co-founder and CEO of Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising company acquired by Apple in 2009. Prior to that, he oversaw business development, sales, and strategy for what became North America's dominant mobile aggregator, m-Qube, which Verisign acquired for $250 million in 2006.

TOM aims to provide a platform for fans and hobbyists of otaku culture to connect with one another and for users to share their content in a respectful community where they are fully credited for their work. TOM hopes to provide services to enrich otakus’ lives and to contribute to the global entertainment market.

Comments from Andy Miller:

I am happy to support the development of TOM's community of manga and anime fans from around the world. The passion of the anime and manga community, and the thirst for content and a place to share has led to the explosive growth of TOM. I am excited to help this community connect across web, smart phones and their tablet devices.

Andy Miller: A Brief Biography

Andy Miller
Born in 1968
Graduate of Union College
Graduate of Boston College Law School, JD
SVP of m-Qube
m-Qube acquired by Verisign
Co-founder and CEO at Quattro Wireless
Quattro Wireless acquired by Apple
Vice President of Mobile Advertisement of Apple
Named one of Ernst & Young's New England Entrepreneurs of the Year
Served as the General Partner of Highland Capital Partners
Currently serves as the President and COO of Leap Motion

About Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Tokyo Otaku Mode™ was created on March 24, 2011 by TOM’s President and CEO, Tomo Kamei. TOM was incorporated in the state of Delaware, U.S. in April 2012. TOM began on Facebook (, the world’s largest social networking site, as a page for introducing news and events related to otaku content to the world. Within 18 months of operation, TOM has accumulated over 6.5 million Likes on Facebook, becoming the largest Facebook page managed in Japan. TOM’s website, is currently undergoing alpha testing.
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