A Notice of Partial Shipping and A Shipping Delay Due to Additional Supplier Flaws

Jun. 29, 2018

We have an announcement for everyone who pre-ordered the Sword Art Online sneakers.

Last week, the second shipment of the sneakers arrived at Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Japanese warehouse, where they underwent inspection. During inspection, flaws and imperfections that do not pass Tokyo Otaku Mode’s quality standards were found once again, and we are pained to say that we did not receive enough in our second batch to fulfill all orders placed.

After an internal discussion, we have decided to fulfill as many orders as possible in chronological order of when they were placed using the batch that did pass our quality inspection. As compensation for the lateness, we have included a special SAO pin badge as a freebie.

Shipping will take place next week. If you do not receive a shipping confirmation by next week, please know your order will be fulfilled in the upcoming batch of reproduction.

The orders that can’t be fulfilled will require another round of production, so we are in the middle of discussions with the suppliers. We will make an announcement regarding the shipping schedule of that new batch in mid-July. Orders from the second batch will of course receive the pin-badge delay compensation as well.

We understand how much trouble this has been for everyone who has been waiting for their orders. If your order is one of the ones that will require waiting for the next round and you would like to cancel your order we will accept cancellations due to the batch being delayed yet again, please contact us using the inquiry form or email us at the following address. If there is a change in your shipping address, you can change it from your My Page.

We offer our heartfelt apologies again for the delay.

Inquiry form: https://otakumode.com/projects/inquire
Email address: support@tokyootakumode.com