The Promised Neverland Acrylic Charm

by Tokyo Otaku Mode
The Promised Neverland Acrylic Charm

The identification numbers of the 3 protagonists, Emma, Norman, and Ray.

Introducing acrylic charms of the identification numbers of Grace Field House’s orphans!

Now you can carry the identification numbers etched onto the necks of The Promised Neverland’s protagonists, Emma, Norman, and Ray, with these acrylic charms! The design is taken right from the series, making the charms symbolic items of The Promised Neverland.




These are the perfect items for fans, as you can attach them to just about anything and take them with you everywhere.

Note: The product is under development. The actual product may vary from the images.

Product Details

Variations: Emma (63194), Norman (22194), and Ray (81194)
Materials: Acrylic
Size: 80 mm x 30 mm (3.15 in x 1.2 in) - Acrylic part

About The Promised Neverland

The woman they love is not their mother. They live together, but are not siblings. This is Grace Field House, a small orphanage.
Emma, Norman, and Ray have spent their days there peaceful and happy. But one day, their everyday life is shattered by a sudden revelation…
What misfortune is waiting for them?

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