Project: INORI

by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Project: INORI

A brand new redjuice art collection is finally here. Prepare to feast your eyes on the newest redjuice illustrations, printed with the finest in color reproduction technology. Secure yours through advance pre-order now, only at Tokyo Otaku Mode!

Illustrator, character and costume designer, and Tokyo Otaku Mode Special Creator, redjuice has created countless masterpieces that are renowned worldwide. The popularity of his work continues to spread as the beautiful, mysterious, and futuristic world view common to his pieces are present in various anime, games, figures, and more.
redjuice’s new art book, titled INORI, is a grand compilation of illustrations of Inori Yuzuriha. Trace the path of Inori throughout this collection documenting everything from redjuice’s past sketches to recent illustrations.
Admire redjuice’s further refined skills since his last art book, Red Box, in incredible resolution and color reproduction only possible with the latest printing technology offered by the Canon DreamLabo 5000.
INORI not only contains redjuice's latest masterpieces, but also rough sketches that can't be seen anywhere else. Every volume comes with a special transparent cover, and will be engraved with an individual serial number, making each book truly one of a kind. No doubt fans will be able to feel the difference between this latest volume and any of redjuice’s past art books.
Prototype Samples (The images were taking during the development process, and will vary from the final product.)
redjuice fans around the world, witness the arrival of this masterpiece with your own eyes.

**INORI Art Book** Dimensions: Pages:48 Size: approx. 374 x 257 x 10 mm | 14.7" x 10.1" x 0.4" Weight: approx. 1050 g | 2.34 lb Materials: Paper, acrylic resin, polypropylene Language: Japanese *Page will be updated with details once confirmed.

Dimensions: *Page will be updated with details once confirmed.
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Poster (TOM Exclusive)
Dimensions: *Page will be updated with details once confirmed.
*Page will be updated with poster image once confirmed.

Canvas Prints
Materials: Ultra durable fade-resistant ink, satin canvas, anti-UV varnish, frame (wood)
・P10 Size: 530 x 409 mm | 20.9" x 16.1"
・P20 Size: 727 x 530 mm | 28.6" x 20.9"
Weight (including canvas, box, buffer materials) :
・P10 Size: 13001400 g | 2.93.0 lb
・P20 Size: 20002100 g | 4.44.6 lb

WHO IS redjuice

redjuice is an illustrator and designer from Kochi, Japan. He first gained popularity from his collaborations with supercell and livetune. Since then, he has been drawing illustrations for manga and illustration magazines, creating character designs for anime and games, and designing character figures. His representative works include the original character designs for the anime Guilty Crown, illustrations for the BEATLESS novels, and more.

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Campaign Team
**Project Owners:uncron**
**Project Owners:Tokyo Otaku Mode**
**Designer/Illustrator : redjuice**

Q: Where are the rewards shipping from?
A: Straight from Japan, fulfilled by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Q: When will my reward(s) ship?
A: Rewards are scheduled to start shipping from April 2017.

** Q: I am making my payment with foreign currency; will the amount I pay be affected by exchange rates?**
A: Yes. All prices are listed in Japanese Yen. When paying with foreign currency, the amount paid will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment, which may differ between banks/credit card companies.

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