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Introducing a daily flip calendar based on “Guraburu!”, a comic within the Granblue Fantasy game! Enjoy different extreme gags from all of the strongest characters every day of the month!

Start your day with Guraburu!
Introducing a daily flip calendar fully loaded with Guraburu! characters!

Granblue Fantasy is a popular smartphone game with over 23 million players. The comic included in the game, Guraburu!, has become Himekuru! ~A Daily Flip Calendar that will Brighten Skyfarers’ Daily Lives with Chaos and can be Used for Millions of Years!~, a calendar that you can use over and over again!
We’ve carefully selected 31 days’ worth of huge panels from the Guraburu! comic, which is full of dark gags and unbelievably surreal plot twists that are unimaginable in the Granblue Fantasy game itself. In the end, the Himekuru! calendar became dark and twisted itself!
The desktop calendar comes in a compact size and features vertical writing. Placing it somewhere in your room allows you to slip into the Guraburu! world at any time.

Also, Tokyo Otaku Mode is including a special, limited edition clear sticker for calendars purchased online! The clear sticker will only be available during this pre-order period.

Lyria and Vyrn go berserk every day of the year! Enhance your sky journey even more while enjoying the strong impact of the Himekuru! calendar!

The TOM limited edition clear sticker
Note: The product is currently under development. The finished product may differ slightly from images.

Product Details

Product name: Himekuru!
Page numbers: 18 pages (including the front cover and pedestal, for 31 days’ worth of double-sided calendar pages)
Printing size: 17 x 14.8 cm (approx. 6.7 x 5.8 in)
Package size: 22 x 15 x 1 cm (approx. 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.4 in)

About Guraburu!

Guraburu! is an official spin-off comic based on Granblue Fantasy, a social game created by Cygames, Inc. drawn by manga author Hitomoji Kiku. The comic centers around Vyrn, a lizard-like character who appears in the game, and its extreme and surreal gags, which can’t be found in the game, have made it very popular. Currently, five volumes of the series have been published.

Granblue Fantasy is one of Japan’s top social games, with over 23 million players. Character design was done by Hideo Minaba and the music was composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita. The game has gained enormous popularity from its users due to its beautiful illustrations and visuals, grandiose music which colors the story of the sky, and characters voiced by a group of wonderful voice actors and actresses.

Much more than just a game, Granblue Fantasy has evolved through a variety of mixed media, such as anime, light novels, merchandise, and web radio.

The Guraburu! comics can be read for free through the Granblue Fantasy app.

Granblue Fantasy Official Site

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