Announcing the results of the vote!

Jul. 19, 2018

Results for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 1st General Election, which started on July 2nd, are finally in!
Check out the results below!

1st Place: Roselia
2nd Place: Hello, Happy World!
3rd Place: Afterglow
4th Place: Poppin’Party
5th Place: Pastel*Palettes

Roselia came in first place! Please look forward to the original Roselia illustration and goods which will be announced later!

We’re so happy to have received votes from all of you.
This page will continue to be updated with information about the original illustration, goods, and other BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 1st General Election-related news. Please wait a while longer for the project to finish.

Also, please continue to enjoy BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!