TOM Premium

Save More on Projects
with TOM Premium!



Try our TOM Premium service FREE for your first 90 days. Join through TOM Projects and get ¥500 OFF right away!*

*Not applicable to All-or-Nothing Projects.


For every 90-day renewal, pay $14.99 and receive $16.50 in TOM Points.


Premium members earn 10% cash back in TOM Points when backing projects. (10X more than usual!) Enjoy Premium-exclusive discounts on many projects*, and use TOM Points to save even more!

*Not applicable to all projects.


Your subscription will auto-renew 7 days prior to the completion of your first 90 day membership period.

To get the most out of TOM Projects,JOIN TOM PREMIUM TODAY!

Limited Offer! EARLY BIRD SIGNUP: $4.99. renews every 90 days at $14.99
  • Exclusive discounts every month
  • Exclusive TOM wallpapers available for download
  • Quarterly report about TOM’s activities
  • TOM Point rewards, discounted shipping fees on the Shop, and more!
  1. When viewing a Project you wish to back, you’ll see a checkbox to join TOM Premium on each applicable reward. Make sure this option is selected!
  2. On the reward details page, you can confirm that simply joining TOM Premium will save you an additional 500 yen off. Go ahead and reserve your chosen reward!
  3. And that’s it--you are now a TOM Premium member. Congrats! Look forward to saving more (and earning more points) on future Projects, as well as the TOM Shop!

*Your first 90 days are FREE! Your membership will auto-renew at $14.99 for the next 90 days.
**Alternatively, you can also join Premium when placing an order on the TOM Shop.


In spring 2011, Tokyo Otaku Mode was born from the heartfelt desire to make Japanese content more accessible for fans all over the world. We’re a global team made up of Japanese and non-Japanese members, united in our love for otaku culture and in our passion for bringing you closer to all the things you love, too.

In 2018, Tokyo Otaku Mode still strives to become a bridge that connects you with what you care about—be it anime, manga, games, fashion, the kawaii lifestyle, or anything else about Japan that inspires you. The TOM Shop is a huge part of that—along with TOM Projects, Otaku News, and much more. For Japanese rights holders and manufacturers, we also offer translation services and international shipping support. We’ve been to local conventions in quite a few countries, and we’re always looking for ways to boost talented independent creators.

But the truth is, we want to do so much more. We don’t just aspire to grow Tokyo Otaku Mode--we want to be able to give back more to fans and to creators. Above all, we hope to help grow and strengthen the beloved creative industries of Japan--leading to more Japanese content for you to enjoy, and more fun products to enrich your otaku life.

You don’t need to be a TOM staff member to come along for the ride. Become a TOM Premium member to watch TOM grow from the inside. Grow along with us, and challenge us to fulfill our mission of eventually contributing to the entire industry--of making Japanese pop culture even more vibrant and sustainable. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s what we’ve always aimed for. TOM Premium is our way of inviting you to join us. With your help, we’ll be that much closer to our goal!

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