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Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga series set in Tokyo where ghouls, who survive by eating human flesh, live among ordinary citizens. It depicts the hardship and fights of the protagonist Kaneki, who becomes a ghoul after having an organ transplantation. The sequel is called “Tokyo Ghoul: re”. Tokyo Ghoul is the debut work of the author Ishida Sui. It was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from volume 41 of 2011 to volume 42 of 2014. The sequel “Tokyo Ghoul: re” has been serialized since “Weekly Shonen Jump” volume 46 of 2014. Spin-off manga "Tokyo Ghoul': [Jack]" by Towada Shin was serialized on Jump LIVE, a digital magazine for manga, from August to September 2013. The anime series started in 2014. The stage play was performed in July 2015. The live-action movie in which Kubota Masataka plays the protagonist Kaneki Ken, released in July 2015.


Volume 1

A bookworm university student Kaneki Ken kept visiting the café called “Antique” to see Kamishiro Rize, whom he had a crush on. One day, he ends up going on a date with Rize and finds out that she is a Ghoul. Kaneki was attacked by Rize and had a fatal injury. Kaneki was not eaten by Rize because some steel frames fell on her before she touched him, but he realized at the hospital that the organs from Rize had been transplanted to his body. This was the beginning of Kaneki’s life as a Ghoul. Yoshimura, the owner of "Antique" where Ghouls gather, and Kirishima Toka, a part-time worker at the café, help out Kaneki, who suffers from the life-changing happening.

Volume 2

Kaneki starts to learn the lifestyle of a ghoul as a part-time worker at “Antique”. He learns that a ghoul, which sounds violent and is totally different from the humans, is very close to humans and starts to widen his perspective. Meanwhile, an investigator from the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) comes to the 20th ward, where the café is located, and tension rises among ghouls. After learning that the investigator, Mado Kureo, and Amon Kotaro killed the mother of a ghoul girl, Hinami Fueguchi, outraged Toka Kirishima starts to plan revenge on the CCG.

Volume 3

Kirishima Toka and Kaneki Ken, who sneaked into the CCG, encounter Mado Kureo, the target of the revenge for the ghoul girl Hinami. Kaneki was asked to go through the Rc scan gate, but luckily the gate did not identify him. Shortly after being freed and learning that the CCG does not have information about Hinami, Hinami herself is lured out by Mado. Toka arrived in front of Hinami in good timing and entered into the fight with Mado. At the same time, Kaneki was in his first fight as a ghoul with another investigator, Amon Kotaro.

Volume 4

Kaneki Ken, who became the “star” of the ghoul world after sending Amon Kotaro back, was in the middle of the training with Kirishima Toka and Yomo Renji. While such training was going on, the ghoul Tsukiyama Shu, also known as “Gourmet”, visited the café “Antique”. Tsukiyama became interested in Kaneki, who had a complex atmosphere both as a human and a ghoul. He becomes close with Kaneki using his fast-talking. Kaneki also approached Tsukiyama because he heard from the information man Itori that Rize Kamishiro was killed not by the accident, but purposely by someone. Kaneki was shocked by the fact he was invited to Tsukiyama’s restaurant as a food, not as a guest.

Volume 5

After surviving the ghoul restaurant incident, Kaneki decided to live inside Antique to protect himself from Tsukiyama Shu. One day, Nishio Nishiki's lover, Kimi Nishino, visited Antique to see Kaneki. Kaneki is moved by Kimi throwing herself into supporting her ghoul lover, Nishiki, who could not see the chance of recovery and offered support to her. Later, Kimi got kidnapped by Tsukiyama, who was secretly watching and listening to their conversations. Although Nishio and Kaneki go after Tsukiyama to rescue Kimi, they could not beat Tsukiyama's kagune, which grew powerful from constantly eating human flesh.

Volume 6

Although they survived the fight with Tsukiyama, continued troubles invited multiple CCG detectives to the 20th ward, including Suzuya Juzo. The tension between the humans and ghouls was also getting stronger after the ghoul group called “Aogiri Tree” attacked and gained control of the CCG in the 11th ward. Meanwhile, Banjo Kazuichi, a member of “Aogiri Tree”, visited Antique to see Kamishiro Rize. Stepping out of the cafe after learning that Rize is dead, Banjo tells them that they were looking for a ghoul “with the smell of Rize”, and Kaneki got kidnapped by Omori Yakumo, who is one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree.

Volume 7

Kaneki tried to escape from “Aogiri Tree” together with “Anti-Aogiri” members including Banjo Kazuichi and others but got trapped once again. Kaneki surrenders to them in return for letting “Anti-Aogiri” members go. As he endures the days with torture, which was the hobby of Yakumo, his hair began to lose color and shed. While in Antique, the staff Tsukiyama Shu and Uta were planning the attack on the main building of Aogiri Tree to rescue Kaneki. At the same time, the media reported that more than 1,000 investigators from the CCG were planning an attack on the main building of Aogiri Tree.

Volume 8

Inside the Aogiri Tree building, the ghoul investigators encountered a ghoul called “One-Eyed Owl”. At the same time, Kirishima Toka was fighting with Kirishima Ayato, who is the leader of Aogiri Tree and also the real brother of Toka. Toka was overwhelmed by the opponent’s power and was denied the coexistence of humans and ghouls, kept seeing a flashback of memories of her living peacefully with her family while keeping to pass out. It was Kaneki Ken, who looked completely different from who he used to be, that helped Toka being crushed by the sadness of not being able to stop her brother, whom she used to promise to protect, leaving her. Kaneki decided to make Ayato “half-dead” for beating up Toka.

Volume 9

A half-year passed after the furious battles in the 11th ward, and Amon Kotaro and Suzuya Juzo got promoted, and Amon had to look for a new partner. The big anxiety controlled the investigators because there were no clues yet regarding the high-ranked ghouls escaped from the ghoul detention center called Cochlea. At the same time, Kaneki Ken and others left Antique and moved to 6th Ward to look for the true identity of Kamishiro Rize and Kano Akihiro. They began to plan a kidnap of Madam A, who seemed to be familiar with Kano, but the one-eyed ghouls of Shiro and Kuro visited them.

Volume 10

Aogiri Tree was also looking for Kano Akihiro, as well as Kaneki Ken. Kaneki and his comrades were successful in kidnapping Madam A and visited the old home of Aku, where Madam A and Kano had negotiations. Kaneki was suspicious of Madam A since the building was so battered that a human could not live safely, but soon found the passage hidden by the Rc cell wall. In the passage, Kaneki got attacked by Kuro, Shiro, and Naki from Aogiri Tree, but he overcame the interference and finally visited Kano. What Kaneki saw there was Kamishiro Rize, who got completely constrained by Kano.

Volume 11

Kaneki went out of control while fighting with the rat made by Kano. Shinohara Yukinori began to feel that the actions and ability of Kaneki are too dangerous and determined that Kaneki is a half-kakuja ghoul. He fights with Kaneki using “Arata”, which is also a quinque. While Tsukiyama Shu fought with the newbie investigator Mado Akira, and Suzuya Juzo with Kuro and Shiro, Amon Kotaro stood in front of Kaneki. Amon, who was feeling different characteristics compared to other ghouls from Kaneki, is outraged by Kaneki going out of control and scolds Kaneki if he wants to become a ghoul like others. With his words, Kaneki was able to retrieve his consciousness slightly.

Volume 12

Kaneki Ken was not sure who to protect after he was told by Kano Akihiro that the founder of Aogiri Tree was Yoshimura. He decided to visit the Uta’s store to learn about the past of Yoshimura and Yomo Renji. The story told there was about the story of Uta, Yomo, and Itori when they used to live in the 4th Ward. Although the true purpose of Yoshimura was not revealed completely, Kaneki later visited the hidden house of Yomo and got trapped and met Rize in the ultimate phase of hunger. He was shocked to see Rize in such an appearance but learned that is the best for her and went back to Antique.

Volume 13

The CCG decided to launch an attack on Antique to eliminate the SSS-rank ghoul called “Owl”. As they always do before a big-scale mission, the investigators including Takizawa Masamichi prepared themselves for death by writing their wills. Meanwhile, Kaneki accidentally overhears about the operation after making up his mind to return to Antique. Kaneki immediately contacted Yoshimura through Yomo to warn them about the operation, but Yoshimura, Koma, and Iruma were already determined that they will fight with the investigators as a decoy to let the staff escape.

Volume 14

Amon Kotaro blocked Kaneki on his way to rescue Yoshimura in the 20th Ward, where the investigators arrived to kill Yoshimura. “Owl” Yoshimura was finally defeated by the investigators while multiple fights occurred in various places. Right after the death of “Owl”, the one-eyed ghouls appeared together with Aogiri Tree members and began to eliminate the investigators in exhaustion. Kaneki, with serious injuries, progressed toward Yoshimura to rescue him, bumped into the investigator Arima Takahiro, who was known for being the death god of the CCG.


Kaneki Ken

A student of the Department of Japanese Literature at Kamii University. Although he was a normal bookworm student, he became a ghoul after having the organs of the ghoul Rize, being transplanted. He begins to have trouble on whether he should eat human flesh or not, but he was rescued by Yoshimura, the master of the café called “Antique”, and begins to have interactions with other ghouls at the café while working as staff. He was not able to accept his reality as a ghoul by rejecting to eat human flesh. He then realizes that he should become stronger to protect who he loves after experiencing the fight with Aogiri Tree members, and begins to train himself as a ghoul. His kagune (the ability of a ghoul) is the same as Rize, which has unbelievable power and recovery. He is able to eject multiple claw-shaped kagune around his waist, and therefore it is called “centipede” by CCG.

Kirishima Toka

A female high school student at Kiyomi High School. She looks like an ordinary high school student, but she is actually a ghoul and is working at the café Antique in the 20th Ward, where ghouls gather. Her kagune is the wing-type, which is suitable for speedy attacks. She wears the mask of a rabbit when acting as a ghoul, therefore she was named “rabbit” by CCG. She met Kaneki when she was working at Antique. She was first irritated with Kaneki because he was not well-thought and had unfair views on ghouls, but gradually started to recognize Kaneki as her friend. She has a brother called Ayato.


He is the owner of the café called “Antique” in the 20th ward, where the ghouls gather and eat. He looks like a calm gentleman, but he is also a ghoul. He helped Kaneki after he became a half-ghoul and welcomed him into the Antique community. His kagune is a wing-type. He once worked as an eliminator called Kuzen to murder not only the humans but also the ghouls.

Kamishiro Rize

She is a violent female ghoul who fulfills hunger by eating humans. She had a wing-type kagune with surprisingly high power and recovery ability. She was named “devourer” by CCG for attacking humans too much and was targeted, but she usually acts as a noble, book-lover. She often visits Antique and meets Kaneki at the café. She decides to eat Kaneki at the construction site with no people but failed to do so because she was crushed by the construction poles. Later she was transported to the hospital and had her organs transplanted into Kaneki. Kaneki becomes a ghoul for this reason.

Nagachika Hideyoshi

He is a student at Kamii University and is the childhood friend of Kaneki. He is an optimistic and charming character but has a high ability of insight. He slightly has an idea of Kaneki becoming a ghoul, so he researches ghouls after Kaneki disappeared from the university and finds the Aogiri Tree building. He reported it to CCG anonymously. He later applied for a part-time job for CCG to look for Kaneki. He is affiliated as an assistant, but he soon becomes the assistant investigator for CCG for reporting the Aogiri Tree building.

Nishio Nishiki

He is a student at the same university as Kaneki. He is in the Department of Medics and is a year older than Kaneki. He is a ghoul and used to live together with his older sister. He curses the humans strongly after his sister was killed by an investigator from the CCG, who receives a report from her co-workers at her part-time work. At first, he was so vicious and rough that he attempted to eat Kaneki’s friend Hide, but he had his personality changed after gaining support from Kaneki when he had his lover Takami being kidnapped by Tsukiyama. He later becomes staff at Antique in the 20th Ward, where the ghouls assemble and become friends with Kaneki as well. His kagune is a shell-type and toughness is his uniqueness.

Yomo Renji

A male ghoul. He is quiet but respectable. He is a staff at Antique in the 20th Ward and supports cases being brought by the owner Yoshimura. He used to be a rival of Uta, a mask-making ghoul. He had his older sister killed by Arima from the CCG when he was a child.

Fueguchi Hinami

She is a ghoul girl who lives with her mother. She survives with the food provided by Yoshimura since she and her mother could not hunt humans by themselves. She lives quietly to hide her identity as a ghoul, even by not going to school. She has her mother killed when a CCG investigator Mado finds her. Later she is welcomed by Antique and begins to act together with Kaneki. She loves Kaneki and Toka that she calls Kaneki “brother” and Toka “sister”. Although she has a high potential as a ghoul, she is not good at fighting because she is too kind. She has strong 5 senses, therefore she often acts as a navigator to tell other members regarding the opponent’s positions and other information.

Tsukiyama Shu

He is a handsome, snobbish male ghoul. He has a strong obsession with gourmet food, including directing his special restaurant to cook human bodies. He is called “gourmet” by CCG for this characteristic. He continues to seek new gourmet food, and he finds Kaneki, who is a rare half-ghoul. He fails to eat Kaneki multiple times, although he attempts different schemes to capture and eat Kaneki. He manages to escape from Kaneki after being almost killed by them and becomes a supporter for them. He hides his true feelings that he still wishes to eat Kaneki someday. His kagune is a shell-type and he is well-respected for his ability, but he has a problem with his characteristic. He was once friends with Rize because he loves reading.


A male ghoul. He is a mask maker for the ghouls to hide their identities and runs a shop called HySy ArtMask Studio in the 4th Ward. He is friends with Yoshimura of Antique in the 20th Ward and produced the original mask for Kaneki after receiving a request from Yoshimura. He was once a leader of the ghouls of the 4th Ward and fought often with Yomo, who was a lone-wolf and the attacker to the 4th Ward. He eventually becomes friends with Yomo. CCG gave him the name “No Face”.


She is a sexy ghoul who runs the bar called Helter Skelter in the 14th Ward. She is an old friend of Yomo and Uta. She has a lot of information. She requests Kaneki to research the ghoul restaurant in return for providing information regarding the accident of Rize.

Banjo Kazuichi

He used to be the leader of 11th Ward Ghouls. Although his ability to fight is not high, he is well-respected for his reliable, caring personality. He used to be the leader of the 11th Ward but got suppressed by the Aogiri Tree invasions. Later he worked for Aogiri Tree but was not happy with what he was doing. He begins to respect Kaneki after he acts to help them, and eventually acts together with Kaneki and others.

Kirishima Ayato

He is a vicious ghoul, who is the leader of Aogiri Tree. He is a younger brother of Toka but separated due to a mismatch of their ideas. He becomes the opponent of Toka after Aogiri Tree kidnapped Kaneki. Although he often insults her, he worries about Toka deep down in his heart. His kagune is a wing-type that is suitable for speedy attacks and the same as Toka’s.

Omori Yakumo

He is one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree, the group of vicious ghouls. He is a sadist who tortured Kaneki after he got captured. CCG calls him “Jason” because he once lived in the 13th Ward and uses a hockey mask. He was once captured and trapped in the ghoul detention center, and the torture he received there formed his current personality. His kagune is scale-type like Kaneki’s, and he has power and a high ability of recovery.


He is a homosexual ghoul, and also an old friend of Itori. He falls in love with Yamori, one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree, and affiliates with Aogiri Tree. He captured Kaneki with Yamori. He normally has a brutal characteristic, but she once stopped Yamori from killing a child.


He is one of the leaders at Aogiri Tree, where the vicious ghouls assemble. He wears a metal mask that covers his mouth. He kidnaps Kaneki to make the Aogiri Tree stronger, but after learning that Kaneki never becomes the part of Aogiri Tree, he hands Kaneki over to Yamori to deal with him.


He is a member of the Aogiri Tree, which covers over his body with a bandage. He often acts together with Tatara, but his true identity is not revealed.


He is one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree, the group of brutal ghouls. He wears a mask with the design of a big mouth. His thoughts are not clear because he does not talk at all. He has a high ability of recovery that can keep his vitality even with his head and chest being blown away. He is a mysterious man who disappears somewhere else even during the fight when the alarm goes off.

Kamishiro Masataka

He used to be the leader of the 6th Ward and is ranked SS. After he manages to escape from the ghoul detention center with Aogiri Tree attacks, he starts to be an active member of Aogiri Tree. He has been training himself in a dojo since he was young, which led him to be a master of material arts, to the point he completely defeated Kaneki. His kagune is Bikaku, and he has a balanced ability of defense and offense.


He is a male ghoul who used to be placed in the ghoul detention center and is ranked S. He manages to escape from the ghoul detention center with Aogiri Tree attacks, and he affiliates with Aogiri Tree after the incident. He respects Yamori, who used to be a member of the Aogiri Tree, so much that he calls Yamori “super big brother”. He seeks revenge on Kaneki, who defeated Yamori. He is brutal and uneducated, but he occasionally shows a caring personality that he protects his friends with his own body. His kagune is a shell-type that is tough, although is less speedy compared to other types.

Amon Kotaro

He is an investigator at CCG. He is an elite who graduated from the academy with the best grades. He was first the partner of Mado Kureo. He was promoted to be a First Class investigator from a rank 1 investigator after Mado was killed in action, and pairs up with Akira, who is the daughter of Mado. He has a strong sense of justice and has a goal of changing the world that was distorted by the ghouls. He has a complex background of being raised in an orphanage owned by a ghoul, Donart. He encounters Kaneki during the investigation of Hinami. He has a strong emotion toward Kaneki because he knows that the death of Mado could not be stopped due to the disturbance by Kaneki. He has a high ability in combat as an investigator. He uses koukaku, a heavy class shell-type quinque, to make the best use of his strong physique.

Mado Kureo

He is a CCG investigator and is in charge of the 20th Ward. He is the first partner of Kotaro Amon. He is an experienced investigator and taught Amon know-hows of ghoul investigations. He is unique in CCG in that he shows a strong obsession with the collections of quinques, and he shows no mercy on any ghouls. His ability as an investigator is very high and his actions and ideas based on experiences are fantastic. He had his wife killed by a one-eyed ghoul, and he looked for it for a long time but was killed in action in the process of investigation.

Mado Akira

She is a female CCG investigator, who is in charge of the 20th Ward. She is the daughter of Mado Kureo and graduated from CCG academy with the highest grades. She becomes a partner with Amon Kotaro. She is not only an elite investigator but also is a great researcher on anti-ghoul suits called quinque. She lives at her own pace and is brave. She is a rationalist and does not use polite speech to her boss Amon because it is "a waste of energy" in her opinion. Although she always seems to stay cool, she is not good at drinking, and her face gets red with a glass of alcohol. Her quinque is called Amatsu, which is a mixture of multiple quinques.

Suzuya Juzo

He is a CCG investigator, who is in charge of the 20th Ward. His appearance can be taken both as a male or a female. He is an irregular investigator in the way he did not graduate from the CCG academy. He was the partner of Shinohara Yukinori. Although he has a high ability of combat, he often acts on his own since he lacks morality and the idea of obedience. He is innocent like a child, yet at the same time, he lacks the sense of pain and the fear of death. He sometimes acts brutally following his emotions. He was raised by ghouls, which is deeply related to the forming of his current personality. His quinques are Scorpion 1/56, a knife-shaped bikaku, and 13's Jason, a big, sickle-shaped rinkaku.

Arima Kishou

He is a male CCG investigator and is in charge of the 1st and 24th Ward. He is a true elite of CCG, who was hired by the head of CCG without graduating from the academy as a rank 3 investigator and became the Special Rank investigator at an unbelievable speed. He is known as a reaper of CCG because he has a fantastic ability in combat. He is known for the episode when he hunted down the most-scared, SSS-rank ghoul called One-Eyed Owl when he was rank 2. He uses 2 quinques skillfully, IXA, a koukaku with an ability to change its form, and Narukami, a thunderbolt-looking ukaku that produces Rc cells.

Shinohara Yukinori

A male CCG investigator of the 20th Ward. He is a Special Rank investigator. He is called Undefeated Shinohara and he was the mentor for Juzo when he was a new investigator at the CCG. He was the first partner for Kureo Mado and is also the teacher of Amon in the academy. Although his career is not outstanding, he is highly trusted by his coworkers as he always achieves results reliably and surely. He even taught the problem child Juzo without giving up. His major achievements are hunting down the ghoul named Oniyamada and the capture of the ghoul Arata, the father of Toka. His quinque is called Oniyamada, a large, hatchet-shaped bikaku, and Arata, an armor-shaped koukaku that has a high defense ability and increases his athletic ability.

Kuroiwa Iwao

He is a CCG investigator who is in charge of the 13th Ward. He is a Special Rank investigator. He is an experienced investigator who has experience fighting One-Eyed Owl, feared as the SSS-rank. His quinque is the blade called Kuroiwa Special (scale-type) and the armor quinque is armor called Arata.

Kano Akihiro

He is a doctor at Kano General Hospital. He transplanted Rize’s kagune into Kaneki. He used to be an anatomist at CCG and conducted multiple experiments on producing half-ghouls from Rize’s body. He disappeared right after Kaneki’s surgery and later joined the Aogiri Tree.


She is a ghoul girl, who was changed from humans by Kano Akihiro. She is the older sister of Shiro. Both of her outfit and hair is black, and only her left eye is kakugan. Her original name is “Aku Kurona”. She was sent to the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy as a candidate after her parents were killed by the ghouls in front of her. She knows Juzo because she and Juzo were sent to the academy at the same period. She is obedient to Kano and calls him “dad”.


She is a close friend of Kirishima Toka. She is a female high school student who is in the same school and homeroom with Toka. She often cooks for Toka, because she thinks Toka doesn’t eat much and also because she wants to become a chef. Eating her food is even more painful for Toka than eating food at the supermarket, but she never throws up nor throws it away. She is good at noticing the small changes in Toka such as her facial expressions and worries about her.

Big Madam

A ghoul with a gigantic body whose gender is unknown. They once hired Suzuya Juzo as an anatomist. They made Juzo call her “mommy”, but they also tortured him until his sense of pain is gone. They also loved the uni-sexual appearance of Juzo and destroyed his genitalia to prevent him from experiencing secondary sex characteristics.

Takizawa Seidou

He is a rank 2 investigator at CCG. He admires Amon Kotaro. He is called “Private Takizawa”. He had the 2nd highest grade when graduating from the academy, but feels strong inferiority toward the best student of his generation, Mado Akira. He was sent to the 20th Ward as the partner of Houji Kosuke, an Associate Special Class investigator.


She is an ex-human ghoul created by Akihiro Kano. The younger sister of Kuro. Her hair and outfit are white and only her right eye is kakugan (where the pupil turns red and the sclera black). Her original name is “Aku Nashiro”. Her parents were killed by the ghouls in front of her and she was sent as a candidate to the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. She knows Juzo because she and Juzo were sent to the academy at the same period. She is obedient to Kano and calls him “dad”.

Hoito Roma

A female ghoul who works at Antique. She used to live in the 19th Ward but moved to the 20th Ward after hearing that Ken Kaneki destroyed the ghoul restaurant. She is so careless and clumsy that she broke many cups and plates at the cafe.

Donato Porpora

He is a middle-aged Russian gentleman ghoul in the ghoul detention center Cochlea. Although he is ranked SS, he is not killed because he has a deep understanding and knowledge of ghouls and does not have a strong sense of comradeship towards other ghouls. He used to be the stepfather at a Catholic orphanage and raised Amon Kotaro in the past. The CCG calls him “Priest”.

Irimi Kaya

She is a female ghoul who works at Antique. She has long, black hair and does not have many facial expressions. She used to be called “dark panther”. She is the current leader of “Black Dobel”, the community of ghouls with black dog masks, that continues to kill the CCG investigators.

Madam A

She is a ghoul woman who sent the anatomist to the ghoul restaurant. She is very poor and once attacked Kano Akihiro for food and money. When she attacked Kano, she found out that her body does not match well with ghoul organs, and got a well-paid job as a human pet feeder. She gets connections with the wealthy class by providing them with her human pets as an anatomist. Her real name is “Maiko Abe”, although she is called “Madam A”. She seems to have a decent level of love towards her human pets as she names each of them.

Kimi Nishino

She is the lover of Nishiki Nishio. She knows that Nishio is a ghoul, and visits Antique to ask for help from Kaneki Ken, worrying that Nishio’s injury is not recovering. Her actions were witnessed by Tsukiyama, who seeks to eat Kaneki who is in perfect condition after having some food, and was kidnapped by Tsukiyama to lure Kaneki out. Although she gets almost killed by Kirishima Toka, who believes that people know Nishio and Kaneki’s true identities are dangerous, she shocks Toka by saying her kagune is beautiful.

Itsuki Marude

He is a middle-aged Special Rank Investigator at the CCG. He is the head of the investigation team II. His words are violent, but he is well-known to be elite for experiencing and directing various operations and investigations in the past. He hates quinque, therefore never uses it. He loves to ride a motorcycle so much that he even comes to work with it, but Suzuya Juzo rides his motorcycle often without permission and two motorcycles have already been destroyed to open the way through a group of ghouls. Shinohara Yukinori calls him Maru.

Enji Koma

He is a male ghoul who works at Antique. He has a big, round nose, and his hairstyle is pompadour. He used to have the nickname “Devil Ape”. He is the leader of “En”, the group of ghouls with monkey masks, that continues to murder elite CCG investigators in different wards, mainly in the 20th Ward.

Groups and Organizations

The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG)

An organization that appears in “Tokyo Ghoul”. It is a governmental organization created to eliminate ghouls. It is abbreviated as CCG since the English name is “the Commission of Counter Ghoul”. The organization runs the academy to educate anti-ghoul specialists and hires the graduates as investigators. They also research and develop quinque, the weapon designed for fighting against ghouls. The completed quinque will be given to the investigator. The CCG investigators are classified into 6 ranks: Special Rank Investigator, Associate Special Rank Investigator, First Class Investigator, Rank 1 Investigator, Rank 2 Investigator, and Rank 3 Investigator from top to bottom. The CCG investigators are called doves because their symbol is a dove.

Aogiri Tree

An association in “Tokyo Ghoul”. The one-eyed king rules the vicious ghouls and the members are controlled in the mindset that both ghouls and humans are ruled by power. They are a violent and aggressive group opposing Kaneki’s group. They also fight fiercely with the CCG.


Ghoul Detention Center Chochlea

The institution to constrain ghouls located in the 23rd Wards. It is a cylindrical building with multiple underground floors. More dangerous ghouls with higher ranks are placed on the lower floors. At the same time as the CCG attacked the main building of Aogiri Tree in the 11th Ward, Aogiri Tree elites attacked the building, and 3 Rate SS, 5 Rate S, and 37 Rate A ghouls escaped.


The café run by Yoshimura. The underground is the storage, and the 2nd floor is his home. All staff members are ghouls, and the café is also the hub for ghouls in the 20th Ward. Moreover, the café provides food to the ghouls, who cannot capture humans by themselves. The underground passage is hidden to hide ghouls from the human attacks that occurred in the past.

20th Ward

The area with Antique and the university that Kaneki Ken goes to. This area is known to be safer compared to other regions since ghoul fights and human deaths rates are low, therefore there were fewer investigations by the CCG. But after Kamishiro Rize came from the 11th Ward, the number of murder cases by ghouls increased and the CCG begins to pay attention to the area.

Former Yasuhisa House

The building where Kano Akihiro hides. In the past, Shiro, Kuro, and her parents lived here together. There is a central staircase in the entrance hall, and the house items are left as they were although they are covered with dust. There is an underground room and a hidden passage by the Rc cell wall. Rize Kamishiro is trapped beyond the wall, and a large number of rats that are transplanted Rize's kagune are stored.

Ghoul Restaurant

The restaurant in the 7th Ward where sarcastic ghouls gather. Tsukiyama Shu invites Kaneki Ken to this restaurant to eat him. All ghouls wear a mask like a masquerade mask to hide their faces, and they dress nicely. Humans to be eaten are welcomed to dress in a nice outfit after taking a shower, and will be provided with a snack with paralyzing medicine. An open space is in the middle of the restaurant, and guests can enjoy a murder show by anatomists. This restaurant was destroyed by Kaneki when they moved to the 6th Ward after leaving Antique.

11th Ward

The region with Aogiri Tree’s main building. Although strong ghouls ruled the region, it was completely destroyed by Kamishro Rize, who killed humans and strong ghouls based on her emotions. The area was devastated, and it was easily conquered by the Aogiri Tree. The CCG for the 11th Ward is destroyed by Aogiri Tree ghouls and is not working at all. Kazuichi Banjo was in charge of 11th Ward since before Rize’s arrival.

1st Ward

This is where the CCG laboratory is located. It is in charge of producing anti-ghoul weapons, developing Rc scan gates, and doing research on ghouls.

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Kagune is an organ that ghouls naturally have. The organ is composed of Rc cells flowing out of their bodies and is used for feeding and fighting. The shapes and functions vary from ghoul to ghoul and are generally grouped into four categories: Bikaku, Ukaku, Rinkaku, and Koukaku. Each type is effective to another. It takes a certain amount of training to be able to control kagune at will.

Rc Cell Wall

A wall of flesh created with kagune. The technology is similar to quinque, but only the Ghouls in the 24th Ward know about the details, so it is also called the "Wall of the 24th Ward". It opens and closes by reacting to kagunes and will not open for regular humans. It also has a regenerating function, and when painted, cannot be distinguished from other walls.


Humans that are kept by ghouls. Their job is to dismantle humans to be used as food ingredients. They are also called "Domesticated Humans" and are treated as pets.
Ukaku Ukaku is a type of Kagune with the Rc cells spread out to look like wings. They are light weighted and are good at high-speed battles. Although they are able to finish fights early with both short and long-ranged attacks, they lack endurance since they keep releasing Rc cells. They are strong against bikaku, which lacks finishing blows but are weak against koukaku, which has a strong armor.


Kakugan is the name for the eyes of a ghoul when their instincts kick in, with the white parts of their eyes turning red. Normally, both eyes of ghouls turn red, but for Kaneki Ken, only his left eye becomes a kakugan. It is said that only half-human half-ghoul can become a "One-eyed Kakugan" and they are thought to bring misfortune. Also, they are said to be superior to pure ghouls.


Koukaku is a type of kagune with a metallic texture. It is the sturdiest type of kagune since they are made with highly condensed Rc cells. However, the heavyweight makes it inferior in speed and is considered to be difficult to use as a quinque. They are strong against ukaku, which only has light blows, but weak against rinkaku, which has a powerful finishing blow.


Bikaku is a type of kagune, which looks like a tail sticking out. It is a well-balanced type at its best in middle-range battles, with its offense, defense, and speed above average. It is difficult to find any weaknesses but it lacks a final blow. They are strong against rinkaku, which relies heavily on their power, but weak against the speedy ukaku.


They look just like humans but have an Rc cell rate that is over ten times a human and can only gain energy from eating human flesh. The Commission of Counter Ghoul ranks ghouls from C to SSS, depending on their level of danger. When Ghouls' instincts kick in, their kakugan reveals and they are able to control their kagune. Also, their tongues have a different sense than human’s, therefore when they eat human food, they get a severe vomiting sensation. They pretend to enjoy the food in front of humans, but if they digest the food, they become ill, therefore they throw it up when no one is around. They are hunted by the Commission of Counter Ghoul as enemies of humans, and humans who help ghouls hide get punished more severely than those who hide human criminals.


Kakuja are rare mutant ghouls from the cannibalism ghoul group. Unlike the usual kagune, they wear their kagune. It has a double meaning of "Satorishi Mono" (Awakened One). They are caused by the intake of a large amount of Rc cells by eating other ghouls. Though they are considered to be very powerful ghouls, it is said that cannibalism makes ghouls lose their minds. In the battle against Shinohara Yukinori at the former Yasuhisa house, Kaneki Ken was classified as a "Half-Kakuja".

Rc Scan Gate

A gate that reacts to Rc cells. It is installed inside the Commission of Counter Ghoul, but not at the entrance. Instead, it is placed where ghouls need to go through to go in further than the lobby. When sneaking into the Commission of Counter Ghoul, Kaneki Ken was dragged through the gate by Mado Kureo but was released because it did not react.


Rinkaku is a type of kagune that has a rough texture and looks like “tentacles of scales". They have high regenerative ability and a powerful final blow due to their unique-textured surfaces. However, since having a high regenerative ability also means having a low ability to connect Rc cells, rinkaku is more fragile compared to other types of kagune. They are strong against koukaku yet weak against bikaku that doesn't have a distinct weakness.


Quinques are weapons to counter ghouls. Only the elite investigators of the Commission of Counter Ghoul are allowed to use them. They are created by modifying the Kakuhou of ghouls (a sack that stores Rc cells) to artificially form kagune with electrical signals. The name of the Quinque is decided by the owner, but most are just given the name or the nickname of the ghoul it came from.

Rc Cells

Rc cells exist both in humans and ghouls. But ghouls have an Rc cell rate of over ten times a human, and the Commission of Counter Ghoul has installed an Rc scan gate to detect ghouls. It is also called "liquid muscle" since it flows like blood and can become harder than teeth. Ghouls can store their Rc cells in an organ called "kakuhou" and the Rc cells moving around in the body can increase muscle strength, resilience, and agility.


Tokyo Ghoul: re

Ghouls, mysterious beings that look like humans but survive by eating human flesh. Ishida Sui's debut title, "Tokyo Ghoul", depicts the story of the hardship and battles of Kaneki Ken, a young man who finds himself standing in between ghouls and humans...


Tokyo Ghoul

After a serious accident, university student Kaneki Ken was transplanted the organ of a ghoul, who eats human flesh, which turns him into a half-Ghoul. He starts working at the cafe Antique, a gathering place for ghouls who live peacefully in human society, and gets involved in the battle against the Commission of Counter Ghoul…

Category Manga
Title Tokyo Ghoul
Official Name Tokyo Ghoul
Furigana Tokyo Ghoul
Original Author Ishida Sui
Genre Action, Dark Fantasy
Label Young Jump Comics (Shueisha)
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