Asami Nagasaki

Perler Bead Art - Japan
“Experience touchable pixelated art!” I am a craftsperson who painstakingly pixelates what I see. Perler Beads give me the pleasure of creating pixelated pictures and with them I make a variety of pieces in both 2D and 3D.



  • Ho-kago Tea Time

    I made everyone from my favorite anime “Ho-kago Tea Time.”
    This was my debut piece for Tokyo Otaku Mode. I put a lot of focus into making the guitars. I also made the stands for the characters out of Perler Beads, and people often ask me how I made them.

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  • Sushi

    When you think of Japanese cuisine, you think sushi! Going off of that, I decided to make 3D sushi. I struggled with the presentation of the salmon roe. I made these without using any adhesive.

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  • Green Onion Miku

    I made a Green Onion Miku who can twirl green onions as much as she wants.
    I included movable parts in the shoulder area, so you can twirl the green onions around!

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  • Fairune

    I made these items from the iPhone and Android game "Fairune."
    I get excited just seeing cute items that are really retro!

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  • Cats!

    I made some cats that look cute perched on a Macbook Air display, for example. These were done in 3D without using any adhesive, so you can have fun switching the different colored ears. These are the signature items in my collection of 3D originals.

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About Me

Asami Nagasaki

Perler Bead Art / Japan

After studying oil painting at Nihon University College of Art, I started doing Perler Bead art in 2012 while working in web and app development. I began showing my work to the public on Tokyo Otaku Mode in January 2013. I also appeared as a Perler Bead creator on the Hatsune Miku official YouTube channel, which received over 60,000 views.

In spring of 2013, I started holding Perler Bead workshops in Tokyo and Osaka. During the summer of 2013, I have been actively getting the word out about the fun of creating with Perler Beads by exhibiting at "HandMade in Japan Fes" and more.

  • Creator NameAsami Nagasaki
  • MediumPerler Beads
  • NationalityJapan
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  • Zodiac SignSagittarius
  • Years Active1.5
  • LocationTokyo

    About Perler Beads

    What are Perler Beads?

    Known as "iron beads" in Japan, Perler Beads, or "Hama Beads," are a type of toy.
    They are beads that allow you to create designs by lining them up in a picture or other shape and heating them with an iron.

    About Workshops

    Have fun with Perler Beads!

    I hold workshops about having fun with Perler Beads.
    These provide children and adults with some time to get engrossed in making something together.
    Details about these workshops can be found on my Facebook page.
    Facebook Page:
    I am also currently taking requests for workshops.