Blue Exorcist Anime Confirmed for 2nd Season!

Blue Exorcist Anime Confirmed for 2nd Season!

After a popular run of TV anime in 2011 and an animated feature film in 2012, hit shounen manga Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist kept fans anxious for the next few years with no signs of any new animation projects. Fans of the Okumura brothers, wait no longer - Ao no Exorcist is back!

The official website of the series got a makeover with a mysterious countdown on the homepage a few weeks back, and now the countdown is almost up, but Japanese netizens are quick to spread the news that was first announced in a recent issue of the Weekly Shounen Jump in which the manga is serialized.

The second season of Ao no Exorcist will cover the Kyoto Impure King Arc and is set to air in 2017. It is rumored that UVERworld will return to sing the theme song for the anime. Follow the official Twitter for the latest updates and stay tuned as we wait for the mysterious countdown!

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